Working Out and Catching Up: Exercises to Do While Binging on TV

Updated March 06, 2015
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Keeping fit and active is a very good thing. So is keeping up with your favorite shows, and sometimes the two can seriously interfere with each other. After all, there are only so many hours in the day. Since finding enough time can be problematic, one obvious solution is to use the same time for both TV and exercise.

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The Talent Show

All the room's a stage, when you're watching talent competitions. You don't want to miss the performances—or the panelists' comments—so do your warmup by dancing during the opening credits. While the aspiring singers or dancers strut their stuff, use the back of a sturdy chair as your barre for leg and back stretches. Use the panelists' verdict to mix things up. Do one exercise, such as leg lifts, if you agree with them; and another, such as squats, if you don't. For an aerobic component, mimic the competitors' moves and boogie your butt off during breaks. Don't be afraid to move around. Modern TVs offer wide viewing angles, so you won't miss a thing.

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The Crime Drama

Crime dramas are all about tension, so they're a good opportunity to apply some tension to your muscles. Strap weights to your ankles and grab a light barbell in each hand, and you're ready to join the action. Do curls while detectives are interviewing witnesses, run in place during chase scenes, and treat yourself to some shadow boxing during the fight scenes. If you want to "raise the bar" for yourself, increase your weight every time a new suspect comes along. Just make sure you know where the wires run to your surround-sound speakers, so you don't trip over them during an exciting chase. Better yet, eliminate the risk entirely with a wireless home theater system.

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The Guilty Pleasure

There are some shows you might not want to watch in the living room. Perhaps you're addicted to a soapy, steamy medical drama, or a cheesy high-school sitcom, and would rather indulge your guilty secret in private. Those occasions actually lend themselves to a good workout, because you can take the show to your favorite exercise machine. Just stream it to your Galaxy, either directly from the Internet or on disc from your Blu-ray Player. You already know the characters and situations, so use them to manage the tempo of your workout. Use recurring catchphrases, romantic interludes, or testy exchanges between characters as your signals to speed up or slow down your tempo on the treadmill or stationary bike.

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The Nightly News

Your nightly news broadcast is neatly broken into short segments, so it's made to order for short bursts of intense exercise. For example, you might sprint in place or do vigorous sets of curls, whenever the anchor cuts away to a remote reporter. While the talking-head pundits are pontificating, you have an ideal opportunity for heavier work. This is the time for pushups, planking or crunches, because it doesn't matter if you see the screen. As long as you've got good sound from an audio system, you won't miss a thing.

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The Live Sporting Event

If there's any programming that really lends itself to a living room workout, it has to be live sports. You might be surprised how much activity you can manage in a three-hour broadcast, so strap on your Gear S wearable before you start and use it to keep track. Treat each exciting moment—an extra-base hit, a long punt return, a spectacular dunk—as the trigger for a sprint in place. In between big plays, pace the room like a coach roaming the sidelines. With weights on your wrists or in your hands, even waving your arms in disbelief over the officiating can be a workout. Once you're done, fire up the Nexercise app on your Galaxy Note 4 and share the results with your friends.

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