5 Ways Your Galaxy Tab S2 Makes Life a Little Easier

A really superior tablet isn't just a fine piece of design, it's a tool that makes your life better and easier. The new Galaxy Tab S2 is definitely all that. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Slimmed Down for Portability and Comfort

The Galaxy Tab S2 is seriously thin. Just 5.6 millimeters thin, in fact, so it won't spoil the sleek lines of your favorite bag or jacket. It's extra-light, too, so binge-watching a favorite show won't wear out your wrist.

2. Password's Gone, But You're Still Safe

In this case, it's a good thing. You can have security without an additional password to remember, because the Galaxy Tab S2 has a fingerprint sensor built into the Home button. Just tap it, and you're in. It's as fast and convenient as having no password at all, but safer.

3. More Productivity, More Power

Leave the laptop behind. The Galaxy S2 comes with Microsoft Office preinstalled, so you don't need heavy hardware to do a bit of constructive work or studying. It's also got a more powerful processor than the previous Galaxy Tab S, so you'll do more in less time.

4. Wide Open Spaces to See It All

The new, wider screen gives you more real estate when you're working, and shows more of the page when you're viewing books or websites. Read more, scroll less.

5. Plenty of Storage for Everything You Need

Owning an Galaxy Tab S2 means never having to decide what to take with you. Start at 32GB or 64GB of storage space, and then add up to 128GB more through the micro-SD slot for a total of up to 192GB. That's a lot of books, pictures and movies.

Photo Credits: Samsung

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