Wedding Album Tips

Your wedding album depicts the memorable moments in an equally memorable day, showcasing your transition into married life through images that can share your experiences with future generations as well as friends and family. The album you choose becomes the permanent record of your wedding, so make careful decisions about how it tells your story. From the number of photos to the design that arranges them, edit your album to produce an imaginative yet realistic documentary.

Album Types

Professional photographers offer a range of album types, including printed and digital presentations. For ultimate flexibility, opt for both so you can page through a gallery of memories and share its images on your computer, tablet, or home theater and TV. Printed albums include slide-in designs that accept photographs into openings in the pages that vignette individual shots. Full-page albums show images from edge to edge and may include composites, montages and multi-image arrangements. Book-style albums look like regular hardback volumes, with photos and text arranged on printed pages. Digital slide shows display a sequence of images that fades or otherwise transitions from one photo to the next. Videos edit together live footage and still images into a movie presentation that narrates your wedding events.

Tell a Story

The best wedding albums tell a story, including the chronology of your wedding day, the family and friends who become part of your ceremony, the small but significant moments that signal emotional connections to the event and each other. If you select your own images from a larger batch presented to you by your photographer, arrange them chronologically and choose your favorites from within that timeline. Don't discard shots that show little close-ups—the rings, a suit or gown, the flowers—as these pictures add compelling details to the overall narrative. The photographer may offer you your proofs in printed form or on a locked disc that you can review on a computer, Blu-ray or DVD player but can't copy.

Less Is More

Not surprisingly, photographers charge more for longer albums with more pages and photos than for briefer volumes. Despite the cost, you may be tempted to make the most of your opportunity to depict your special event in minute detail. The result can be an overwhelming deluge of imagery that even you and your spouse can't sit through, despite its compelling personal importance. Editing your album to the best, most-distinctive, storytelling moments produces a result that you treasure and share again and again. The alternative becomes as cumbersome to view as the infamous travel slide show that dwells on every detail until nothing seems special.

Doing It Yourself

On a small budget, with professional photographers in the family or to make picture-taking part of the flow of your wedding, you can compile an album from your own pictures and those captured by the wedding party and guests. Leverage your mastery of technology to ease the task, with an upload site set up through social media or an online file transfer service to accommodate the images you accrue. Expect your smartphone to be chock full of photos from guests you allow to take pictures at strategic times during the wedding. Deputize at least one experienced friend or family member with a digital camera and plentiful memory cards to take pictures of moments big and small, avoiding the prospect that no one photographs a compelling tradition. At your leisure, select the best images and create a design for output by an online album service. At the same time, you can burn DVD or Blu-ray discs on your computer to watch at home or share with family. For the ultimate customization, have your blank discs custom printed with your names, wedding date and a photo.

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