7 Ways to Make the BTS Routine Easier on You

Updated May 10, 2016
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The annual back-to-school routine is one of those times when you can't help thinking, "man, I really wish I had a personal assistant or five." Good news: You do. They're just a little smaller and shinier than most PAs, and you usually call them your "smartphone" or "smart watch." This semester, let the tech do the heavy lifting before you put the tykes on the school bus.

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1. Teacher Selfies

It's always a good idea to attend your school's open house or BTS night, and your Galaxy S7 can lend a hand. Get little ones comfortable with their new teachers by having them take a quick photo together, then add the snap to your address book to help you put a face to the teacher's name. Grabbing a few pics of key school locations is also a great way to help first-time students get oriented.

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2. Read Up

Before classes start, it's key to ease kids back into their routine. Since the screen real estate of a tablet like the Galaxy TabPro S makes for easy nighttime reading, share a few pages of an e-book with your budding academics every night to get those reading gears turning.

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3. Back on Track

Speaking of schedules, gadgets from the Gear S2 to the Galaxy S7 edge ensure that you're never too far from an alarm clock, so use it to inch that wake up call a little earlier each day. For an extra cheeky touch, set your alarm tone to the sound of school bells.

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4. Synchronized Shopping

Your massive BTS shopping list often hits you in spurts—you remember to get a pencil sharpener while you cut carrots, and the need for a graphing calculator hits you right after yoga class. Keep your school supply list on the cloud so you can update and access it on the go (with a smart Family Hub Refrigerator, you can even scribble those digital notes on your fridge right after the carrots).

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5. Ditch the Wallet

The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge both sport Samsung Pay, which replaces the need to swipe or insert your credit card just about anywhere you use it. So don't sweat the spur-of-the-moment BTS buy, whether it's a superhero-emblazoned hoodie from the mall or a rainbow spectrum of folders from the office supply store.

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6. Exercise Their Brains

As you get those brains in gear, don't forget that apps can serve as legit mental workouts. A good app keeps your kids occupied while you sort through registration papers, so you might as well turn to something educator-approved. Try the neuroscientist-designed "Lumosity" for preteens, the "TED" app's archive of edutaining talks for high schoolers, or learning games like "Puzzingo" for the little ones.

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7. Track the Madness

Before you run to the department store, then run to the office store, then to class registration, strap on your Gear S2. Not only will a wearable calendar keep you on track for everything from parent-teacher night to soccer practice, the pedometer will tell you exactly how much running you did—you might've taken your daily calorie-busting walk without even realizing it.

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