Ways to Display Photos on Your TV

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Displaying photos around your home is often limiting when you have hundreds of pics you want to display. Instead of printing and framing one or two of your best shots, why not put them all display on your TV? Show off your vacation, school and family fun time photos by easily converting the files for expanded viewing.

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Insert Memory Cards

As technology advances, televisions are more equipped to display content from digital camera memory cards without cords and plugs. To view your favorite images, pop out the memory card and insert it into your TV’s SD card reader. Most newer model flat-panel television sets already have an SD card slot to easily read your photos. After you insert the SD card, the photos should automatically load onto the screen. Consult your owner’s manual if the images do not load automatically.

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Connect with a USB Cord

If your TV does not have an SD card reader, simply plug in the USB cable that came with your camera into the TV’s USB port. Make sure the cable is also plugged into your camera and the SD card is loaded in the camera as well. Most TV models less than 10 years old have USB ports on the side or back of the unit. Once plugged in, the photos should automatically load to your big screen.

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Transfer Image Files

If your favorite photos are stored on your computer’s hard drive, transfer the image files to a USB flash drive. Remove the flash drive from your computer and plug it into the TV’s USB port to display your images on the TV. If the images do not launch automatically, check the TV’s user manual to see if you need to select a particular channel or option to load your photos.

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View from Electronic Devices

Connect the charging cord to your phone and insert the USB end into the TV’s USB port to view snapshots you have captured on the go. Once connected, a display box will appear on your TV. Simply press ‘play’ or view images to put your photos on display. Many smartphones also offer features to sync images and video to your television. If a display box does not appear automatically when you connect your phone to the TV, consult your user manual to sync the device.

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Photo Viewing Applications

Many newer model TVs offer photo viewing applications. If you have stored your images online, you may be able to access them wirelessly by loading them directly on your TV with an Internet connection. Simply open a photo viewing app and select the location where your photos are stored. With a wireless Internet connection, you can also download images from e-mail, social media sites or online storage apps to view immediately on your TV.

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DVD Viewing

Make your photos the highlight of a family movie night. If you have images loaded on a CD or DVD, simply insert the disc into your DVD or Blu-ray player. Once the DVD loads, select play and your photo slideshow will be ready for viewing. You can create a DVD slideshow of your photos by downloading images from your computer to a DVD with a photo-sharing program. Open the application and follow the directions to burn a DVD of your images.

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