The Best Ways to Print Out Camera Phone Pictures

Now that smartphones can exceed the picture-taking performance of some point-and-shoot pocket cameras, you can take pictures wherever you go. Printing those photos takes a few additional steps, however, because the devices that transform pixels onto paper don't fit into your purse or jacket. For the best and most convenient ways to print your smartphone pictures, choose from online and offline alternatives.

Online Upload

The Internet teems with websites that offer to ship you photo-lab quality prints made from your digital images. You can select bordered, borderless and instant-camera styles in various sizes. Before you invest in a large set of images based on a substantial portion of your phone-based picture taking, test the quality of an online service's output with a selection of photos representing your typical subject matter. For a thorough head-to-head test, send the same select group of photos to each site you consider using extensively.


If you have access to a Bluetooth-enabled printer or computer, you can send your photos directly to the printer itself through a printing app or wirelessly to a computer that hosts a wired connection to an output device. You can sync your phone and your desktop, notebook or tablet computer so you can share images for printing. For one-at-a-time output, email an individual photo to yourself and retrieve the image on your desktop system. This arrangement gives you the flexibility to print on any device to which you have access.

Direct Connection

When you connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable, you can access your images directly. Alternatively, you can insert your phone's memory card into a card reader that's plugged in to a USB port on your computer and copy images as if you were reading them from a regular flash drive. Some computers include built-in card-reader slots, as do some output devices, especially inkjet printers that specialize in photos.

Retail Kiosk

You'll find photo-printing kiosks in retail outlets ranging from the corner drugstore to general merchandisers. These freestanding setups accept various types and sizes of memory cards, from full-sized flash drives to the miniaturized SD cards that provide storage for smartphones. You can preview, select and crop images directly from your card, print them on a while-you-wait basis and plug your card back in to your phone. As with online photo services, test the quality of these output stations before you print large quantities of an individual image or large numbers of individual photos.

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