Your Vacation Checklist

Updated June 28, 2016

You look forward to your vacation all year, so it's a good idea to give some thought to how you can enjoy it best. That doesn't necessarily mean overwhelming yourself with lists and reminders. As long as you remember a few important things, you'll find a good balance between enjoying yourself now and enjoying the memories later.

Bring Tunes

Whoever said "getting there is half the fun" wasn't thinking of modern air travel. Sure, there's in-flight entertainment, but it's more relaxing when you can just block out the world and enjoy your own favorite music. A good-quality set of noise-canceling wireless headphones like the Level On Wireless Headphones are ideal.

Do Something Out of Character

The whole point of a vacation is leaving the everyday behind, so leave your everyday self behind as well. Cross something off your bucket list, something your friends back home would never believe, like para-sailing or whitewater rafting. If you take along a Gear 360 camera, you'll have evidence to show everyone who doubts you (including yourself).

Wear that Sleek New Outfit

You know, the one you bought to wear on your vacation that you're second-guessing now. Go ahead, you'll be fine. If it doesn't have pockets, just wear your Gear S2 so you won't miss any calls or messages.

Be Ready for Spontaneous Fun

Keep sunscreen on hand, so you can stay out longer without burning. Use instant messaging to coordinate with old and new friends, so you can do things together. Drop your phone on its Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand every time you visit the room. The hours of battery life you'll gain might lead to the best memories of the whole trip.

Take Pictures, Lots of Pictures

The memories that seem so vivid when you're there will fade quickly, so take lots of pictures. Your Galaxy S7 edge is perfect for that—with its quick shutter and low-light abilities, you can keep snapping all day. If you're a serious shutterbug, make a point of adding a microSD card to the phone for extra storage capacity.

Bring Your Friends

Okay, you probably don't have the budget to do that in reality. The next best thing is to let them know when you're taking part in something special or memorable, and live-stream it from your Galaxy S7 edge to YouTube. It's like having them there with you, but without the impact on your elbow room.

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