Use Your Words: 5 Times You Should Take Voice Control Photos

Updated May 20, 2015

Opportunity is one-half of any photo-op, and it doesn't slow down for anyone. In the space of seconds, voice-controlled snaps on the Samsung Galaxy S®6 and Galaxy S®6 edge turn those “should've gotten a photo” moments into “glad I got a photo” moments. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but the Galaxy S6 gives you 16 megapixels of crisp digital photography for just one word—activate voice control under "Camera Settings" and you can shoot it just as soon as you can say it.

1. When the Mood Needs a Lift

When most people hear you say “smile,” they get ready for a photo; with the Galaxy S6, you've already taken one as soon as you've said the word. Skip the waiting-for-a-photo face (you know the one) and capture the real smiles, instantly, to surprise your friends. It could be just what you need to get the conversation started at your next mixer.

2. From Courtside

Action shots are sort of a holy grail for smartphone photographers. The tracking and video stabilization features definitely help keep fast-moving shots crisp, but you can nail the perfect courtside capture by rolling your action cue and photo snap into one simple word: The next time your nephew's standing on the three-point line, just say “shoot.”

3. Over Hors D'Oeuvres

We're waiting on the official research, but we're pretty sure everyone loves a good (or so-bad-it's-good) pun. Next time you're staring down a platter of Camembert and aged cheddar, just say “cheese” to grab a share-worthy pic. When it comes to contextually perfect photo-ops, it doesn't get feta than this. Okay, we'll stop.

4. Right On Cue

When you take a picture of a loved one, you're also letting them know that you want to save the moment forever. Instead of fiddling with buttons or a touchscreen, just say “capture” to immortalize those quiet moments, whether it's your little one's first birthday wish or your new fiancee saying “yes.”

5. In the Moment

Sometimes, lively moments call for a little motion—a new puppy isn't going to put her cuteness on pause while you line up a photo, no matter how nicely you ask. When life calls for video, skip the menus and tell your phone to “record video” to start rolling in seconds.

Photo Credits: John Chapple/Demand Media

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