When to Use the Video Collage Feature

Updated June 28, 2016

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a six-second video at 24 frames-per-second must be worth 144,000. And if you have four of those videos playing at once—like you can with the video collage mode on your Galaxy S7 or S7 edge—then you're got a video worth 576,000 words.

So you could use about half the words in the English language to get your point across, or you could just make a video collage. You know, whichever sounds more fun.

Best. Holiday Card. Ever.

The average holiday card lives on the refrigerator for about a month before it gets all bendy and is forever doomed to the trash bin. Leave the ironic sweaters in the closet this year and go for a family (or roomie) video portrait collage instead. Throw on one of Collage mode's included music tracks (might we recommend "Twinkling?) for the most retro-chic, "Brady Bunch" inspired holiday card ever.

Capturing the Epic

Plain old photos and videos don't do epic events justice—sometimes, it takes four simultaneous videos to really capture the chaos.

Let's say you're at a music festival. That's one video for the stage. One for a face-painted selfie. One for glow-in-the-dark hula hooper. And one epic slow-mo shot of the firebreather who almost melted your beads off.

Options, Options, Options

You've got four cardigan options on the shelf: Taupe, pinstripe, merlot and chartreuse-ish. And you've got one bestie-slash-fashion guru who's the only person in the world you trust to help you make the choice. Why send four HD cardigan videos when you can just send one? That's how you compare, contrast and cardigan.

Next-Level Foodography

At this point, foodography is so legit that restaurants actually plate their dishes just so they'll look good under the smartphone lens. Don't just embrace your inner foodographer, take it to the next level—give everything on your tapas plate its time in the spotlight, all in one tummy-rumbling video.

And with social media sharing in just a few taps, it's guaranteed to make all your friends and followers four times as jealous, and four times as hungry.

Photo Credits: Courtney DeSpain/Demand Media

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