Unique Wedding Ideas for a Reception

Every couple wants a memorable wedding from start to finish, including the reception and its opportunities for dancing, tasty food and lighthearted toasts. Planning for every contingency provides the best way to assure that your big day proceeds flawlessly from ceremony through cake and entertainment. Add unique details to your reception for an event that expresses your personalities and celebrates the beginning of your shared life together. Your creativity can make the event uniquely yours.

Table Names or Numbers

Wedding planners use numbers or other markers to identify individual reception tables and direct guests to their seats. Whether you're planning a do-it-yourself celebration or hiring a coordinator to pull the event together, you can substitute any naming scheme you want. Use numbers that hold significance for you and your spouse-to-be, such as high-school graduation years, the house numbers of your childhood homes or how many siblings each of you have. Substitute names for numbers, honoring the surnames of branches of your families, your favorite movies or your beloved pets. For a touch of DIY creativity, take photos of each other with a digital camera or smartphone and use your home computer to turn them into picture markers for your tables.

Guest Book

Your guest book provides a convenient way to remember and confirm who attended and correlate addresses with thank-you notes in recognition of your gifts. Depending on your style, you can turn a tablet and a suitable app into a guest book that your invitees can sign with a fingertip. Alternatively, transform the guest book into a beautiful keepsake instead of an extension of your digital lifestyle. Use an online art book service to turn uploaded photos and text into a guest ledger that's equal parts story book and family memoir. Combine old family photos with candid smartphone shots of the two of you and add text that highlights your shared memories, plans and promises to each other. Leave blanks for all the types of contact information you want to use, including email addresses and cell phone numbers.

Digital Art

Whether you use them as table decorations, icebreakers or to host games for your guests to play, add tablets to the interactive mix of your reception. Create a slide show or shoot a video with your camcorder that features you and your intended throughout your courtship and before you met, and stream the presentation from a notebook computer to tablets throughout the reception venue. Use tablets to entertain the children in the wedding party and among your guests, setting them up with age-appropriate games they can share. Set up tablets running an illustration app so your guests can draw and hand-letter a message, memory or best wish for your future.

Special Music Requests

Include your guests in the playlist for your reception's musical entertainment. Add an area for song requests on the RSVP card that accompanies your wedding invitations or solicit music titles through email. Appoint a trusted friend to serve as DJ, supplying a playlist on a tablet or smartphone for use in an audio dock or home theater setup placed in the reception venue. To make your music an interactive experience, set up a karaoke system using a bookshelf stereo with built-in support for singalongs, and invite guests and wedding-party members alike to take a turn at the microphone.

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