4 Fun Ways to Give Gifts

Updated October 30, 2015

Ever wonder what kids and cats have in common? They both seem to like the box something came in over the thing itself. As we grow up though, boxes—even ones adorned with large bows and flashy wrapping paper—lose that childlike excitement. This holiday season, inject a little fun back into your gifts. Ditch the traditional gift-giving experience in favor of these quirky (and a little less boxy) gifting ideas.

1. The “Sleight of Hand” Gifter

So you’ve decided to give him a smartphone, or maybe you're taking the big step and putting your S.O. on a joint data plan. So before you give him that shiny new Galaxy S6 edge+, sneak onto the phone and set up the basics yourself. Then, rather than just giving it to him, secretly slip the phone into his briefcase, coat jacket or backpack. Once he's out on the town, give his new number a ring. Best. Call. Ever.

2. The Riddle Master Gifter

A good scavenger hunt is all about building her anticipation. Bust out your riddle-making skills and give your tech gifts a little buildup; what rhymes with barge and doesn’t have any wires to hold it back? A wireless charging station perhaps? Keep her guessing for a bit, then finish big with the big prize.

3. The Wake-Up Call Gifter

Before you hand over your gift, unbox it and set an alarm with the name, “You’re Welcome.” Or, go the extra mile by creating a calendar reminder personalized with a message from yours truly (or maybe just the ringtone to a recording of your beautiful voice). Sneak the device next to your sleeping giftee and prepare to steal the show in the morning. Not even cinnamon rolls can compete.

4. The Curve-Ball Gifter

Let's get devious for a moment. You know that re-re-used gift bag you’ve had for years? Grab it, slip the smartphone inside and top off the bag with the largest, most obnoxious bow you can find. Or want to make them think, “Not socks again!” How about wrapping up the phone under a small bundle of fluffy gym socks? It's just as fun as a gag gift, but without the ongoing sense of searing disappointment.

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