Unique Gift Ideas for Graduation

The best gifts that commemorate a big life event such as a school graduation take into account the personality of the graduate, as well as the new life that awaits just around the corner. To make such a gift unique, combine everything you know about likes, dislikes, wants and needs into the perfect present to accompany your graduate into the future.

College Clean

Check out the laundry facilities available at his new home and give him a full set of laundry products tailored to the equipment to which he'll have access. Visit college websites on your home computer or smartphone to look up the specs on campus laundromats and provide high-efficiency or regular detergent as applicable. If you use HE equipment at home and your grad faces a transition to less-effective appliances, explain the differences to him before he comes face to face with an agitator-based washing machine. Along with the detergent, give him his own laundry sorter--customized with his name--to make the task easier.

Digital Gifts

Regardless of whether your grad just finished middle school or graduate school, you can offer her a welcome gift of technology. From a desktop computer or tablet PC to a new laptop, digital gifts make the next phase of academic achievement--and the summer break after graduation--survivable. With new information technology in hand, she can plan for college classwork or check for information about dorm assignments and registration. Add a digital camera with plenty of memory cards so your daughter can preserve memories and capture landmarks on an unfamiliar campus.

Phoning Home

With commencement in the rearview mirror, your son moves on to the next phase of his education or career. Encourage him to call home from school often on a brand new smartphone with a generous voice and data plan. If he's attached to his current phone, give him a tablet instead. To make his gift all the more special, find a case that honors his favorite football team, baseball pitcher or race-car driver and have his name engraved or embroidered on it.

Monetarily Yours

Money makes a universally welcomed graduation gift. Rather than tucking bills in an envelope or loading a balance on a gift card, find clever ways to stash cash in and among other gifts. Wrap a memory card for a new digital camera in a carefully folded $20 bill. Roll up small bills and use them as "packaging" around the accessories for a tablet. Draw up a homemade gift certificate on your home computer and printer, with the value set to match your grad's commencement year. These kinds of gifts make best sense if you present them at home, rather than at a public function.

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