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Whether you're traveling for fun or for work, you'll want to be in touch, entertained and productive along the way. Your luggage will never have quite as much room as you need, so deciding which electronics to bring is just as important as refining your travel wardrobe. The trick is to pick a few things that combine exceptional performance and versatility with minimal size and weight.


1. Galaxy Note 4

When you're traveling light, the question isn't always how much technology you need. Sometimes, it comes down to how small that technology can be. Samsung's Galaxy Note® 4 is a perfect example. Its 5.7-inch Super AMOLED screen and quad-core processor provide a good starting point, but it's the S Pen that really puts the Note 4 into a different league. With the S Pen you can copy and paste easily and intuitively, multitask, or even create and share hand-written notes. In fact, it might be all the computer you need while you're away. The Note 4 backs that power with a long-lasting, fast-charging battery, another important plus when you're on the road.


2. Galaxy Tab® S 10.5

If you're juggling personal and work usage, or just want a little more elbow room, the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 might be a better travel companion. Its big Super AMOLED screen offers better-than-HD resolution for photos, streaming video or reading work-related documents. With the Tab's Multi-Window multitasking capability, you can check for flights on SkyScanner or dinner options on Yelp while you work in the main screen. Its long battery life will keep you going even on long flights, and you can coax extra time from it using the Ultra Power Saving Mode.


3. ATIV Book 9 Plus

Even with the best of mobile devices, there will be times you'll want take a computer on the road with you. The ATIV Book 9 Plus is perfect for road warriors, packing full laptop power into a tablet-like package. Its tiny aluminum case, just over a half-inch thick, conceals a quad-core Intel i5 processor and a 13.3-inch, 3200- by -1800 touchscreen display. Even better, the ATIV adds versatility to your mobile devices. With Samsung's SideSync technology, you can pair your phone or tablet with the ATIV and view their screens on your computer. From there, you can drag-and-drop files or photos easily from one to the other, or use your computer's keyboard to enter data. Prudent travelers save a few inches and ounces by switching to the slim power adapter while traveling, and attach the security lock whenever the ATIV stays behind in the hotel room.


4. NX Mini Smart Camera

Point-and-shoot cameras and mobile devices take surprisingly good photos, but they're constrained by the limits of their lenses. Cameras with external lenses can create professional-quality images, but are bulky space invaders. Samsung's NX Mini Smart Camera is the perfect compromise, providing the functionality of interchangeable lenses in a tiny camera the size of a point-and-shoot. Whether you're snapping a world-famous monument or using the flip-up screen to take a selfie, the standard 9mm "pancake" lens—less than 1/2-inch thick—will give you superior results.


5. NX Mini Interchangeable Lenses

Of course, packing a camera that accepts multiple lenses means you can also pick additional lenses to suit your needs. For general use, the NX Mini's 9-27mm lens should be your first choice. Its high-quality optics and sophisticated electronics cooperate to give clear, sharp results whether you're shooting a scenic panorama or the tightest of close shots. If you're into serious photography, you need the NX Series M adapter which enables you to attach the full line of NX series lenses to your NX Mini, opening up a world of specialized options. The adapter also has a tripod mounting point built in, providing better balance when you use a full-sized lens on your tiny NX Mini.


6. Gear S

Go ahead, leave your phone behind. No, seriously. You won't need it if you have a network-connected Gear S smartwatch. It's a fully functional phone in its own right, so you'll always be in touch even if your Galaxy phone or tablet is locked safely in your hotel room. It'll pair with your phone over the Internet, as well as short-range Bluetooth wireless, so you always have access to data or numbers from your main phone. You can use the Gear S's built-in or downloadable apps to monitor your daily workout, track how far you've walked around Paris, or even navigate to where you're going. No pockets required.


7. Level Over Headphones

Traveling may broaden the mind, and it certainly creates lasting memories, but it can also have its inconveniences. For example, making a call or listening to music on your phone or tablet can be difficult when you're surrounded by engine noise or other people's conversations. Samsung's noise-cancelling Level Over headphones are the ideal solution to that difficulty. Their built-in microphone detects ambient noise from your surroundings, and the headset's circuitry neutralizes it on the fly. They're easy to use, as well. Forget about fumbling for buttons. You can raise or lower the volume, skip tracks forward and back, or answer a call simply by tapping the touch-enabled cups on the headset.


8. Level Box

Headphones are great for when you're traveling, but they're not exactly social. When you're chilling in your room at the end of the day, it's nice to have the option of playing music out loud to set a party—or a romantic—atmosphere. That's where the Level Box shines. The tiny speaker, a rectangle just 6 1/2 inches wide, pairs easily with your phone through Near-Field Communications or regular Bluetooth pairing. It provides surprisingly full, rich sound, and provides hours of mobile music on one battery charge. It also works great for speakerphone calls, so everyone can talk to the folks back home.

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