Top 10 Tips for Blogging

Whether you're just starting out in blogging or are looking to take your posts to new levels, the blogosphere has changed a bit in recent years. Master a few tips to enliven your blog while increasing its appeal to your readers.

1. Be Passionate

Write about things that matter to you. Pushing out a new post just for the sake of having it finished won't impress anyone. If you really care about a topic, it will shine through in your writing.

2. Be Yourself

Generic writing doesn't attract an audience. It's a writer's uniqueness that keeps readers coming back for more. Parroting a popular blogger's style won't get you followers either. No one wants a replica when the original is readily available.

3. Content Is Still King

Great topics and interesting content will keep people on your website and make it more likely they will want to share your post with others.

4. Photos Can Trump Content

Mesmerizing photos, outstanding original artwork or videos that make people laugh can quickly get your blog post shared on social media, even if few people read the accompanying post.

5. Be Confident

Even if you have only three people reading your blog and one of them is your mom, don't let this affect your self-confidence. To be successful, act as if you already are successful.

6. Know Your Stuff

Confidence shouldn't come out of thin air. Whatever you are blogging about, do your research and get the facts right before forming an opinion.

7. Be Consistent

Whether you plan on blogging every day or just once a week, be consistent. If you're away from a computer, blog from your smartphone or a tablet. Many blogging sites have their own free app for mobile devices.

8. Take Risks

If your point of view differs from the masses, don't be afraid to speak out. Even if only one in 10 people agrees with you, that minority will quickly become the center of your fan base.

9. Read a Lot

Read as much as you can. Expose yourself to new topics, new viewpoints and new perspectives, not just on the Internet. Get information from what are now less than conventional sources—books, newspapers and magazines.

10. Be a Friend

Networking is fundamental to gaining a strong audience. Comment on other blogs you enjoy and share those posts on social media. The more you help others, the more inclined they may be to send readers to you.

Photo Credits: Sarah VanTassel/Demand Media

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