7 Tips for Using Live Video Broadcasting

Updated October 02, 2015

Live video streaming is now the social norm, and with your Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ in your pocket, you can be top celebrity. Built into the native camera app, the functionality supports scheduled streams or immediate live feeds that are up to 1080p in resolution. But how do you reach that rabid fan base and become an overnight streaming star? Here's a few ways to attract attention.

1. Starting Your Broadcast

Initiating the Live Broadcasting feature on your Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ is as easy as launching your Camera app. Then, simply tap the Mode menu and select Live Broadcast to enable the functionality. You'll be prompted to sign in and verify your YouTube account, and then be presented with additional streaming options—like sending invitations to your contact list or whether or not you'd like to enable video archiving on YouTube.

2. Watch and Learn

If you're raring to go and ready to jump in, by all means, do it. But if you're a newbie to the world of live streaming, it may help to watch some other broadcasters before you take the leap. Get a feel for the platform and take note of what you like and don’t like. The more comfortable you are with the features ahead of time, the more comfortable you'll feel when it comes time to do your own broadcast.

3. Location, Location, Location

Part of the appeal of live broadcasts is the anywhere-ness they offer, but you'll want to make sure your environment at least lends itself to the overall look of your vid. Stay away from overly busy backgrounds, and shoot with plenty of light so your viewers can actually see you. Also, keep in mind that buildings and landmarks are often easily recognizable, so if you want to keep your whereabouts secret, look for a non-specific shooting site.

4. Have a Game Plan

A strategy is necessary, even if your plan is to just share the sunset or a funny story from a chaotic day at the office. It may help to jot down a few talking points to serve as a reminder, but avoid complete sentences so your broadcast doesn't come off like a school recitation. And don't worry if you happen to stray off course or film something you don't want to broadcast publicly. Samsung's automatic seven-second delay has all your boo-boos covered.

5. Keeping Things Private

In streaming your Live Broadcast, you'll have the option to enable public or private YouTube streaming, so there's no risk that you'll broadcast to the masses when you'd rather stay on the down low. To send invites to your Contact list, simply select "Invite" and choose those lucky enough to get dibs on your vid link. You can also send invitations via email or your favorite social network.

6. Stream, React, and Sign Off

Whether you're broadcasting to family, friends, or an entire anonymous world, there's no sense in talking to empty air. Once you've gone live, wait to speak until viewers join you, then welcome them individually as they arrive. Always react to comments and answer questions. Then, when you've run out of things to say or your viewer numbers start dropping, don't drag it on endlessly. Just bow out with a friendly goodbye and sign off.

7. Gaining an Audience Beyond Friends and Family

If you've decided to stream publicly but are lacking viewers, try creating a snazzy title to snag a few users who are browsing the current listings. Do you have a favorite broadcaster who's already got a following? Try giving him a "shout out" in the hopes he'll return the favor. A Q&A vid on a trending or popular topic is also a great idea, as long as you make sure to use the appropriate #hashtag to attract an audience who's most interested.

Photo Credits: Shauna Hundeby/Demand Media

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