Tips & Tricks for the Galaxy Note5

Updated August 17, 2015

In the world of phabulous phablets, the Galaxy Note5 is king. Straddling the fence between smartphone and tablet, it gives you high-performing functionality with a big-screen feel, and it still fits into your pocket. Here are five ways to get the most out of your new device.

1. Make the Switch an Easy One

A new handheld device can feel like a move up in the world, and Samsung Smart Switch makes that transition a breeze. Available in both mobile and desktop versions, Samsung Smart Switch helps you to effortlessly transfer your contacts, text messages, music, and plenty of other media files from the old device to the new Galaxy Note5.

2. Multitask Like a Master

Let's face's busy, so the more you can get done at once, the better. With side-by-side app functionality, you can check your email while you're browsing the Web, or watch YouTube while you're updating your Facebook feed...and you can do it with faster load times. Once the functionality is enabled in your Settings options, simply press and hold your device's "Back" button to select your desired split-screen apps.

3. Get a Little More Time to Play

Need a little more playtime but your battery's low? With built-in Fast Charging technology, a regular charge session tops you off in half the time it would have taken on your old phone. Ultra Power Saving Mode, on the other hand, turns your screen black and white and disables all non-essential services running, giving you an additional 10 percent charge and even more talk and text time. To enable it, swipe down on the notification bar, tap the gear icon, and then select “Power Saving."

4. Make Your Work Precise with the S Pen

The Galaxy Note5 is equipped with an S Pen that boasts more functionality than ever before. Use it to jot down a quick note to yourself without ever waking up the device, or mark up a document as if you're writing on paper. The Air Command menu's still there, too, with the same quick and easy access to tools like Action Memo, Scrapbooker, Screen Write, S Finder, and Pen Window.

5. Boost Your Downloads

Why wait forever for that big file to download when there's a way to make it go lightning fast? With Download Booster—activate it in the main Settings menu—you can almost double the speed of your downloads. The functionality uses both your LTE and Wi-Fi connections simultaneously and, once enabled, kicks in automatically anytime you attempt to download files larger than 30MB.

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