Tips for a Stress-Free Move

Updated April 07, 2015
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A move to a new home stands out as one of life's milestones. On one hand, a move means new experiences, new neighbors and new spaces. On the other, the burden of packing and moving everything without losing, breaking or forgetting something often overshadows the excitement. Take advantage of a few tech tips to make the packing and prep work a little easier and this stage of your life that much more memorable.

Visual Budget

Set a Budget

A moving budget protects you from the anxiety of funding a big move, so create your budget far enough in advance to have plenty of time to save. Use an automated budget planning app, such as Budget Calculator, Pocket Expense or Visual Budget, to work out estimates, remember bills, plan your savings and keep you on track. You don't want to forget to pay the movers' deposit or run out of money before you've turned on the water and electricity.


Stay Organized

If your dreams have become nightmares filled with boxes, packing tape and clutter, control the anxiety-causing chaos and stay organized while you pack. Your smartphone or tablet makes a great digital organizer. Take photos of your bookshelves, pantry and home decor so you have a visual list of what's packed. Use a scanning app like CamScanner or Tiny Scan to make e-copies of important documents like insurance information and receipts. Keep a record of your paint colors in your native note-taking app and save vendor referrals with the rest of your phone's contacts.


Schedule Your Time

Moving stress increases exponentially when you complete the transition in a rush. Skip the frantic packing and aim for an attitude of "slow and steady wins the race." Plan your schedule to ensure there's adequate time for each item on your task list. Use your mobile device's calendar app to mark appointments, set deadlines and configure important reminders and alarms. Even if you don't have the luxury of a long-term move, keep your move as stress-free as possible by pacing yourself instead of leaving everything to the last minute.


Check Out the New Neighborhood

If your move takes you into unfamiliar territory, get acquainted with your new neighborhood before you become a resident. Plot your new address in the Zillow Real Estate or Trulia Real Estate app and map out nearby points of interest like shopping centers, restaurants and gas stations. The same functionality can provide you with driving directions to the local DMV or post office, so you're not wandering around at the last minute for an address transfer or a new driver's license. Early familiarity with the new area can make the transition less overwhelming and help you feel more at home.


Ask for Help

Whether you're transferring a houseful of furniture and possessions or packing up your childhood bedroom for college, a move is a huge undertaking. Extra hands save time and energy, so instead of huffing it out on your own, accept offers of help from friends and family, and coordinate them using a group chat app like Everyme or GroupVox. Can't find some friendly pals to lend a hand? Hire a professional moving service. Just keep in mind that waiting until the last minute to hire movers adds to your anxiety and can end up costing you more, so call a few weeks in advance to give yourself time to read reviews and shop around for the best price.


Keep It Fun

There's nothing more detrimental to an efficient moving experience than being tired, dehydrated and cranky. Stay upbeat and jam to your favorite tunes while you're boxing, hauling or unpacking. Crank up one of the playlists or stations available on your favorite music app or load your personal MP3 library onto your phone. Keep yourself refreshed by taking lots of breaks—catch your breath, grab a drink, eat a meal or watch the sunset. Pop open some wine and sing at the top of your lungs. Have fun. A new home is cause for celebration.

Photo Credits: Shauna Hundeby/Demand Media

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