Tips on Organizing a Home Office Desk

Organizing a home desk may take an hour or two, depending on the size of your desk and the piles that may have accumulated. Once that job is done, keeping it organized isn't very difficult. When organizing your desk, keep in mind that your desk shouldn't be used as a storage bin. Place items within arm's reach on your desktop that you use only on a regular basis. Cables and computer accessories can also become an organizational nightmare, so eliminate those you don't need and take a few minutes to organize and secure those you do.

Desk Organization Day

Book an hour or two to do an overhaul of your desk. Remove everything from the desktop and drawers and from the space around your desk. Remove anything that doesn't belong in your office and anything you haven't used in the last year to another room, such as old magazines, DVDs, children's toys and that coffee cup you forgot you owned. Arrange everything else into groups. Put loose receipts into envelopes for each month or year. Arrange your books by size or subject matter so they look nice and are easy to find.

Go Paperless

Instead of worrying about where to put the paper you accumulate, just get rid of it. If you have a multifunction printer, there's a good chance it has a built-in document scanner. If it doesn't, get a small portable scanner or install a document scanner app on your smartphone. Instead of filing the paper, file the scanned images on your computer and back them up to an SD memory card. Most companies today offer electronic billing options, so take advantage of this to eliminate much of your incoming paper. Use note-taking apps available on your computer or tablet instead of paper notes. If you don't want to give up hand-written notes altogether, use a single hardcover notebook instead of loose papers.

Taming the Cable Monsters

Cables for your smartphone, tablet, camera, printer and any other devices you need to connect to everyday can create real havoc with your desktop. Retailers, both online and off, now offer some clever devices to tame these cables. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts have come up with some options as well, like screwing a piece of rain gutter to the back of a desk to keep cables from dangling. Alternatively, you can secure a few large binder clips to the back of a desk or table to keep your cables from dropping.

Treating Your Computer as a Centerpiece

When it comes time to buy a new computer, consider making it the centerpiece that it actually is. A laptop computer or an all-in-one desktop, which hides the CPU behind the screen, eliminates one more piece of hardware on your desk as well as a power cable. A wireless printer, a wireless keyboard and mouse, and a Wi-Fi® router each eliminate messy cables, too.

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