Tips for Hosting an Awards Show Party

Hosting an awards show–themed celebration can take your party plans in either of two directions. You can invite friends to watch the awards telecast with you or screen a slate of award-nominated or -winning films. The awards ceremony puts a specific date on your get together, but you can plan a star-studded gala of your own at any time, centered around performances, directors, screenwriters or the movies themselves.


You could plan a multi-course dinner party, but finger food, snacks and hors d'oeuvres make easier fare to prepare, serve and enjoy with your guests at a celebration that focuses on watching entertainment. Make up bite-sized treats or meat-centric nosh in advance, and take advantage of flexible storage to keep your food at the perfect temperature, courtesy of a refrigerator drawer with customizable temperature settings. Use your cooking appliances' special preparation modes, if you have access to a range with a convection oven or a microwave with convection capabilities. Whisk away cooking odors and vapors with a vented range hood or the venting capabilities built in to an over-the-range microwave oven. Prepare an array of popcorn flavors in your microwave and serve them in champagne glasses for a festive touch. If your refrigerator offers through-the-freezer-door service of on-demand sparkling water, you can make alcohol-free flavored beverages instead of buying bottled fizz.


Wall mounted or on a stand, a big, bright TV makes for a brilliant viewing experience, whether you admire glamorous stars as they arrive on the red carpet or screen your own award-winning movie selection. To enjoy your private slate of award winners—or to choose from a list of the biggest snubs in movie history, view your film titles on a Blu-ray player integrated into a home theater system for the ultimate in sight and sound. If you create trivia games or other interactive, themed party fun and pause the movie action to view key scenes.


Just because the event forms one of the entertainment world's ultimate nights of elegant gowns, designer tuxes, expensive jewelry and impeccable styling doesn't mean you can't host a casual party. Whether you encourage guests to dress up or promote a come-as-you-are ambiance, use your digital camera or camcorder to capture your guests' arrival on an imaginary—or a rented and real—red carpet. You can post your stills and footage directly to social media with a Wi-Fi®–enabled camera or camcorder, or turn your tablet device into a picture frame to display your evening's images. For a clever twist on decorations, supplement gold balloons and gold confetti with inexpensive gift-wrap gold ribbon and even a string of old-fashioned tickets, purchased on the roll from an office-supply website.

Invitations & Party Fun

Courtesy of their famous envelope-opening sequences, the award presentations elevate office supplies to the stuff of high drama. Put your home computer and printer to work preparing special invitations, envelope-based party games and ballots for your own private awards-show voting, or to choose the movies and performances that become the viewing fare for your party. Make sure you print all your supporting cast of props in advance so you can enjoy the festivities with your guests. For an extra touch of elegance or humor, create your own bags of mock swag, including little gag gifts based on movie themes, favorite actors or even notorious flops.

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