Tips on Hiding Wires in a Home Theater System

With a top-quality high-definition TV and surround sound, modern home theater systems can come remarkably close to recreating the full cinematic impact of a genuine movie theater. Unfortunately, if you haven't thought things through, the sleek lines and elegant styling of your system can be spoiled by a rat's nest of wires. Concealing the wires takes only a modest amount of work and planning, and there are several ways to approach it.

Simple Concealment

A bit of simple concealment is often all it takes to tame the wire-strewn chaos. The moldings used in many living rooms are concave on the back, and it's relatively easy to remove them, run wires in the concave section, and then replace them. Alternatively, you could lift up the edges of your carpet to run speaker wires or other flat cabling underneath and then replace the carpet.

Hide in Plain Sight

Just gathering the cables in a neat bundle with cable ties and tacking them to the wall with specialized cable tacks can improve their appearance dramatically. You can achieve a more professional appearance by using raceways—tack-down plastic tunnels for the wires. After they're in place, you can paint them to match your walls and moldings, making them even more unobtrusive.

Into the Walls

Running cables and speaker wires through the walls is the ultimate form of cable management. You can do it yourself if you're handy or ask your dealer to recommend an installer. Depending on your room, it can take as little as an hour or two, and the result is a neat room with wall plates discreetly situated behind your home theater system. If you opt to do it yourself, be sure your cabling meets local building codes.

Go Wireless

Most of the cabling in your system is easy to contain with a few wire ties, but those surround speakers can be problematic. Sometimes, the best solution is to go wireless with a Samsung Smart Home Theater System. These systems give you complete flexibility to place your wireless speakers anywhere there's a convenient power outlet.

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