Tips on Displaying Family Photos

If you're an avid family photographer, you've probably collected hundreds of photos over the years. Framing and hanging every picture, unfortunately, requires time and space that many people just don't have. For a quicker, more efficient way to display your photos, go digital. You can make backup copies of digital photos, take them with you anywhere and share them with relatives around the world.

Transfer Your Photos

If you're like many people, you take pictures with your digital camera and don't think about moving them elsewhere until the device's memory is full. It's best to transfer your pictures to your computer before that happens. Use the USB cable that came with your camera to connect the device to your computer, or sync the camera wirelessly via Wi-Fi®. Drag the photo files to your Pictures folder or another easy-to-find location on the computer.

You can turn old photo prints into digital picture files by scanning them to your computer. This is a good way to share important, one-of-a-kind photos without risking damage of the originals.

View Photos on TV or PC

Once you've copied or scanned pictures to your computer, you need a way to display them. One way is to burn copies of the pictures to a DVD or CD. Your computer may have come with a pre-installed program for photo DVD authoring. Use it, or try one of the many free or paid applications available for download online.

Your picture disc is viewable on a DVD or Blu-ray player. It will also play on almost any computer. This is a good way to share pictures with family members who don't have Internet service.

If your computer has the correct outputs, you can also connect it to your TV via HDMI, composite or component cables. If your TV supports it, you might be able to link the devices with a wireless LAN adapter. Once connected, run a slideshow of your pictures on the computer. The slideshow will also appear on your TV.

If your TV, digital camera or PC supports DLNA, you can connect the devices wirelessly via your home network. Other compatible devices include tablets, smartphones and Blu-ray players. Your product may have come with a server app that guides you through the connection process. After linking the products, you can browse the contents of your computer, camera or other device from the TV.

Digital Picture Frames and Novelty Items

If you prefer the classic way of displaying photos on the wall or bookshelf, try storing your images in a digital picture frame. Digital frames hold hundreds or even thousands of pictures. The photos change every few minutes automatically, and many frames allow you to flip through the pictures yourself. Some include a remote control for controlling the slideshow from a distance.

You don't need to transfer your pictures to the computer if you plan to use a digital frame. Most frames have a slot for your camera's memory card, so you can transfer the pictures from one device to another. If you buy a Wi-Fi enabled frame, it can connect to your PC for wireless photo transfer.

Novelty photo items make fun gifts and keepsakes for family and friends. Many photo-processing departments in stores offer custom printing services, printing your pictures on a fleece blanket, charm bracelet, calendar, hardcover book and even inside a snow globe.

Online Solutions

Posting pictures to your social-network account or a photo-sharing website is an efficient way to share them with the world. If you have your own blog or website, you can also upload the pictures to it. Categorize pictures to make them easier for visitors to find. For example, you might create categories such as "Holidays," "Kids" or "Vacation."

If your digital camera has Wi-Fi, you can upload pictures instantly to certain social networks without transferring them to your computer first. This feature enables you to share pictures as soon as you take them even if you're miles away from a PC. Many smartphone cameras have this feature, too.

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