How to Throw a Karaoke Party

A well-planned Karaoke party can make the difference between one that encourages your friends to take part and one where the music plays, but nobody participates. The sound, equipment, lighting and setup all make a difference in the willingness of your friends to get involved. For shy groups, consider keeping the lights lower and setting up the stage for multiple participants. Unabashed groups can engage in singing contests, complete with ratings and competitions.

Tablets and Smartphones

You don't need to go out and buy a Karaoke machine to throw a successful party. With tablet apps and Bluetooth-enabled microphones, you can make song selections on the screen and broadcast the lyrics to your home theater system using a suitable connector cable between your tablet and TV. If you don't want to connect a tablet to the TV, consider giving a tablet to those that go on stage to sing. Guests can then sing along with the lyrics and interact using the tablet to make it a more tactile experience.

Smart TV

Consider using a Smart TV alongside your favorite Karaoke app. You can also connect to the Internet and use one of the online-based catalog services designed specifically for Karaoke. Connect a set of microphones to the TV and let party-goers select the songs they want, building up a queue to keep the party going. Using wireless microphones makes it possible for the less adventurous to sing without the need to go up on stage and to pass the microphone around the room if someone else wants to jump in on the current song.

Judging Participants

Appoint judges to critique the singing groups and award prizes to the best Karaoke singers at your party. Provide the judges with headphones to make it easier to monitor the singers and select a Karaoke app that features voting capabilities. At the end of the night, tally up the votes and have a showdown between the two highest-rated groups. If the judges have wireless keyboards connected to the TV, it's possible to select songs for the singers without leaving the judges' table.

Sound Considerations

Enhance the audio by installing a complete surround sound system using sound bars and portable audio speakers. Set up your devices ahead of time and use a wireless system to give a clean and polished look to your home. Look for systems that use tube amplifiers to provide an authentic, warm and rich sound to accompany the singers. Your home entertainment system can also be put to use later to host meetings, movie nights and other media-based events.

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