Tech Tips: 5 Tips for TV and Smartphone

Your smartphone is amazing. Your Smart TV is incredible. But when their powers combine, both devices get even smarter! Are your smartphone and TV on the same wireless network? Perfect! That is all you need to make them work together as one super-smart team. Soon, you will be enjoying all the things you love even more than you did before. First, you need to download the Smart View 2.0 app for your phone. This will allow certain apps to connect directly to your Smart TV. Once you have Smart View 2.0, there are five ways to improve your smart gadget experience. Using the “Play on TV” feature, you can share your music, photos, and video from your phone to your TV. No more sharing tiny photos of your night out. Now you can show them to people on a giant screen. If more than one person shares the TV, don’t worry. Using the queue feature you can all share your data with your television. If you want to watch live TV on your smartphone, use the Screen Mirroring feature. That way you can move from room to room without missing what’s happening. If you don’t like what is on, check out the Second TV feature. This allows you to play a movie on one screen and TV on the other at the same time. If your remote is just out of reach, don’t worry. Smart View 2.0 can turn your smartphone into a remote. -Use it for everything from changing channels and volume control to opening smart apps and TV guides. Finally, multi-screen apps let you watch two separate-but-connected things at once. You might have a show on your TV and use the app to provide extra information about it on your phone. No matter what the combination, it will definitely enhance your viewing experience. Want to learn more about your Samsung Devices? Catch us next time on Samsung’s Tech Tips.

Your smartphone is amazing. Your Smart TV is incredible. But when their powers combine, both devices get even smarter!

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