Tech Science: How Fingerprint Scanners Work

With people storing more personal information on their phones than ever before, protecting that information is extremely important. Text Graphic: Samsung presents/ Tech Science/ How Fingerprint Scanners Work While PINs and passcodes are helpful, the future of gadget security is biometrics. Biometrics means using identification unique to your own body, like face recognition, fingerprints, even DNA. Here’s how this technology uses your fingerprints to protect the information on your phone. There are two kinds of fingerprint scanners. One is the kind you have probably seen in your cop shows and heist movies. Your fingerprint is matched up with the one already on file. Ding Ding Ding But some scanners are even more advanced. They don’t save a copy of your fingerprint. Instead, sensors inside your smartphone can tell the subtle difference between the ridges and valleys on your fingertip. When you drag your finger over the sensors the ridges act as a conductor creating a uniquely

Fingerprint scanners aren't just in sci-fi films, they're in our smartphones. Find out how they work on Tech Science.

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