Tech Science: 4K by the Numbers

SD, HD, 3D, 720, 1280, 540… TV sets throw a lot of letters and numbers at you. We’re going to take a look at the latest and greatest. Text Graphic: Samsung Presents/ Tech Science/ 4K by the Numbers As you might have guessed, 4K is short for “four-thousand,” while UHD stands for “ultra-high definition.” HDTV used to come in just two formats: Regular and Full. Regular HD is what you see when watching typical TV shows. The image on your screen is twelve-hundred and eighty pixels across and seven-hundred and twenty pixels high. This is also called 720p HD. There are an impressive 921,600 pixels used to generate a regular HD broadcast. Full HD is the even crisper image you see when watching Blu-ray or streaming HD movies online. This is because it uses more pixels. Full HD is 1,920 pixels across and 1,080 pixels high. This is also called 1080p HD. There are a whopping 2,073,600 pixels used to generate a full HD broadcast. Those used to be your only choices. But now there is the 4K UHD TV, with more pixels than you ever thought possible. Now the image on your screen will be 3,840 pixels wide and 2,160 pixels tall. That is an astonishing 8,294,000 pixels. It is so many that your eyes can’t even keep track of all of them. Let’s put that number in perspective. If every pixel was a human hair, you would need 83 volunteers to find enough. If you were in a desert counting the stars at night, there would be 3,000 pixels for every star you could see. If someone gave you a magnifying glass and paid you to count a pixel every second, you would have a full-time job for over a year. And that is only if you never took a vacation, a lunch break, even a bathroom break. It is a lot of pixels. Want to learn more? Keep watching Tech Science.

Ever wonder what the 4K in 4K TV actually means? Check out Tech Science to understand what's going on, on screen.

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