Swipe Right: 5 People to Put on Your Edge

Updated May 12, 2015

Give your five top contacts preferential treatment by putting them on the Edge Screen of your Samsung Galaxy S®6 edge.

Choosing may be difficult if you have a lot of contacts, so we have assembled the five most likely honorees for this coveted position. And don't worry. People who see your phone and ask why they aren't on the top-five list, just say "I have no idea. The guy at the store set it up for me."

To get started with People Edge, open Settings from the Apps screen. Tap Edge Screen, then People Edge and then tap the On/Off button. Select Add Contact.

1. The Boss

AKA: "the head honcho," "the taskmaster," "beloved ruler" or "the guy who signs your paychecks."

He—or she—may not call often, but when the phone does ring, you know it's important—well, at least it's important to your boss.

2. The Co-Conspirator

AKA: "BFF," "best pal" and (hopefully not) "bestie."

Someone you can always confide in, this is the person you'll call first when it's time for a wild night on the town. This is also your best bet for arranging bail money the next morning.

3. Your Significant Other

AKA: "smoochie," "cuddle bunny" and eventually just "hun."

This person is probably why you got your new phone to begin with. Often rich in emoticons, top texts include, "I love you," "Don't forget the dry cleaning" and "We're out of milk."

4. Your Mom

AKA: "mum," "mommy" and, if you're a bit formal, "mother."

Maybe you don't call her as often as she'd like, but this is the one person who will always return your call. Repeatedly. Maybe even for weeks. Which is why they invented voice mail.

5. The Ring Master

AKA: "the networker," "the gossip," "the busy-body" and "oh no, it's her again."

Always on Facebook, this person always knows where everyone is, what they're doing, and why they aren't returning your calls. She believes she's your BFF, so let her see her icon on your phone during coffee. Besides, this is also the person who can usually hook you up with tickets to a sold-out show.

Photo Credits: Shauna Hundeby/DemandMedia

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