Sneaky Ways to Check Your Phone While in a Meeting

Updated May 12, 2015

It's a rare meeting that absorbs your entire attention, or accounts for everything you need to do on a given day. With the Galaxy S®6 edge, you're one up on everyone else in the room. Those curved edges aren't just stylish, they give you several sneaky ways to stay connected while you plod through the day's meetings.

Edge Notifications

When you sit down at the meeting-room table, put your Galaxy S6 edge in a place where you can nonchalantly graze it with your fingers occasionally. Once everyone's settled in and focused on the speaker, slide your finger quickly up and down on the edge screen. It will activate, and give you word of missed emails, calls, texts or even notifications from your installed apps.

Edge People

Waiting to hear on that big deal? Want to know when your husband collects the kids from daycare? When your wife goes into labor? Set up a color-coded tab for up to five important contacts. When you have an incoming call or message, the color will tell you at a glance who it's from. Then you can decide whether it's important enough to excuse yourself to the washroom.

Information Stream

Stuck in a meeting doesn't necessarily mean out of touch. Set up the edge's Information Stream, and the phone will show you a ticker of the information you've chosen. Follow the markets, or news headlines, or even scores from the games you're missing right. this. minute.

Pair and Wear

When you really need to keep a close watch on things, well...use a watch. Pair the Galaxy S6 edge with your Gear S, and you'll be able to ever-so-casually keep tabs on your world. Just don't do it often enough to be obvious, because looking at your watch every few seconds also sends the wrong kind of message.

Sneaky Response

Sometimes it's not enough to know that a call or message is coming in. A stealthy way to respond adds even more value. With the Galaxy S6 edge, that's as simple as letting your hand come to rest with a finger on the phone's heart rate sensor. After two seconds, the phone will reply with a message you've prepared in advance. Very, very sneaky.

Photo Credits: Shauna Hundeby/Demand Media

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