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Smartphones took another huge leap in functionality this year, with the release of new Android™ features and advancements like the Samsung S Pen and Quad HD Super AMOLED® display available on the Samsung Galaxy Note® 4. So it shouldn't be a surprise that there are even more ways beneath the screen to get the most from your Galaxy Note 4—such as achieving extra power saving, extra storage and extra features most people don't yet know about.


Turbo Boost Your Download Speeds

If you don't want to wait a half-hour to download the latest episode of your favorite show, set your smartphone to use both your Wi-Fi® Internet connection and your mobile network to download files simultaneously. Open "Settings," select "More Networks" and tap "Download Booster" to turn this feature on and off as needed. On a 4G network and high-speed Internet, this should double your download speeds. Just keep in mind that downloading a lot of files using your mobile network might cost you a bit of cash at the end of the month, depending on your cellular plan.


Quadruple Your Storage in a Snap

After you download a few apps, a favorite movie or two and some music, it doesn't take long for even a 32GB smartphone to start getting crowded. Take a look at your Galaxy Note 4 to see if the back cover is easily removed and then look for a small slot about the size of a micro-SD card. The Galaxy Note® 4 supports up to 128GB. Don't worry about formatting the card first. If it's not in FAT or exFAT format already, the Galaxy Note® 4 will format it for you. Just make sure the gold-colored contacts are facing down when you insert the card. After closing the cover, the new storage appears in My Files as the SD Card folder.


Get a Full Charge in Seconds

If you're heading out for a few days, bring a fully charged backup battery. Unlike some smartphones, the Galaxy Note® 4 lets you swap out the battery. When the power starts running low, just pop open the back cover, take out the old battery and insert the new one. Don't worry, this won't reset your phone. When you get to a power source, it doesn't take long to charge up again. The Samsung Galaxy Note® 4's adaptive fast-charging battery can go from 0 to a 50-percent charge in just 30 minutes.


Ration Out Dwindling Power

If you're out and about and notice that your battery is starting to run low, don't worry about missing an important text or phone call. Tap "Settings," and then "Power Saving" and then select "Ultra Power Saving Mode." Once activated, the screen changes to grayscale and the phone turns off any power-hungry apps that might be running in the background. This way, you can get a full day from just a 10 percent charge. If you have an important app you want to access, tap a "+" icon on the Ultra Power Saving Mode screen to add any app you wish. The screen tells you how much power you have and how long it can last in standby mode.


Hide Your Private Stuff

Everyone has stuff they'd prefer their children or co-workers don't see. To make sure your personal stuff stays personal, even when you let someone borrow your phone, activate your Galaxy Note® 4's Private Mode. Go to the All Apps screen, tap "Settings" and select "Private Mode." After reading the on-screen instructions, tap "Start." Once activated, a Private Mode icon appears on the status bar. Launch an app, select any personal item and then tap "Move to Private." The smartphone will then guide you in setting up a special access code. All of your private stuff then vanishes from the screen and stays invisible until you enter that access code.


Get a Second Set of Ears

If you're a new parent or you're waiting for an important parcel, there's no reason why you can't take some time to relax with some favorite music. Activate the Sound Detectors on your Galaxy Note® 4 by tapping "Settings," "Accessibility," "Hearing" and then turn on the "Baby Crying Detector." Even if you don't have a baby, there are probably other important sounds you don't want to miss, like the doorbell or the sound of your home phone ringing. Use the "Record" option to record these sounds so the smartphone can listen on your behalf. Put on your headphones and relax. When the smartphone detects that sound, it will vibrate or flash its screen, depending on the option you selected.


Read Your Messages Hands-Free

If you wake up to a backlog of email or text messages, have your smartphone read them to you while you're on your way to work. Before heading out, activate TalkBack by selecting "Settings," Accessibility" and then "Vision. Turn on TalkBack and then open you email or message app. Your smartphone will read your messages so you can keep your eyes on the road. You can also listen to text documents, e-books and other documents, provided your apps support this feature. To turn off TalkBack, go back into Settings, tap the "TalkBack" switch and then tap the screen twice.


Go One-Hand-Free

Going hands-free with your smartphone is great, but being able to use just one hand is even better. Switch your phone to one-handed operation mode by going into Settings, selecting "Display and Wallpaper," and then tapping "One-Handed Operation." Turn on the "Reduce Screen Size" switch. Once activated, you can go to one-handed operation mode at any time by dragging your thumb from the edge to the middle of the screen and then back to the edge again. The screen is reduced to the perfect size for one-thumb operation while holding the phone in one hand.

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