A Smart Phone Without A Smart Mouth: 5 Reasons Your Phone Helps You Take Control

Updated May 20, 2015

In theory, a personal assistant sounds like a wonderful thing. Who couldn't use an extra set of hands at work? Over time, though, you'll notice that even the best PA develops some subtle defects, like talking, eating at least one donut from the office box and asking for a paycheck. With the Samsung Galaxy S®6 and Galaxy S®6 edge, you get the assistance without the drawbacks—it'll never ask for a better chair, and you'll be hard-pressed to find another assistant that fits in your pocket.

1. A Phone That Multitasks

Powered by an Octacore Samsung Exynos processor, this phone is on of the most powerful smartphones in the world. More power means speedier app performance and PC-inspired multi-window operation. Touch and hold “Recent apps” at any time for a split-screen view of your current apps, or to instantly launch recently used apps. Multitasking's a lot easier when your new assistant has quad-core brains.

2. Your Best Runner

In the time it takes your PA to send an email (and secretly text his girlfriend), you can share everything from memos to name cards to calendar events. Select any file you'd like and tap the “Share” button—even if your recipient’s phone doesn't support the file, he'll still get a text with a download link.

3. Pocket-Sized Filing Cabinet

No matter how many spin classes she takes, no personal assistant can lug around your file cabinet. That's why the Galaxy S6 comes with 100GB of Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage, free for two years and accessible from anywhere there's Wi-Fi. That's about 500 digital presentations, 100,000 spreadsheets or 33,000 songs to get you through the workday. Who said “you can't take it with you,” anyway?

4. Say It Once

Give the S Voice app a tap to explore a brave new world called “only telling your assistant to do something once.” Say “Create task, big presentation on May 2nd at 1 p.m.” to mark your calendar, or ease your wandering mind by asking, “What's the highest mountain in the world?” Spoiler: it's Mauna Kea.

5. No Need for Coffee

Keep all the espresso to yourself—the fast-charging battery powers through an entire day sans caffeine. When it needs a pick-me-up, fast charging nets you four more hours of productivity on 10 minutes of charge*. And compatibility with Qi and Powermat wireless charging stations means less desk clutter, more room for bobble-heads.

*Testing performed with in-box standard AFC charger. Charge percentage/time to charge based on charging starting at 0% battery charge. Usage time based on estimates. Battery power consumption depends on factors such as network configuration, carrier network, signal strength, operating temperature, features selected, vibrate mode, backlight settings, browser use, frequency of calls, and voice, date and other application-usage patterns. Your results may vary.

Photo Credits: John Chapple/Demand Media

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