How SideSync Helps You Be in Four Places at Once

Updated October 02, 2015

Sure, the Note5 gives you plenty of screen real estate with 5.7 Quad HD inches, but what if your screen transcended "big" and went right out of bounds? By encouraging your mobile and home devices to play nice, that's exactly what SideSync software does—and because it shares data along with displays, it gives you a superpower, too: the ability to be in more than one place at once. (Laser vision not included).

On Your PC = On the Phone

No more juggling your phone and laptop, or rushing away from your desk just to end up missing a call. With SideSync installed on your PC, you can receive phone calls and exchange text messages through an easy-to-navigate pop-up window right on your computer screen. So say sayonara to cellphone-induced neck cramps.

Super Share-ability

Ever wanted to text Grandma that amazing image of little Timmy falling into the Christmas tree, only to realize it was saved on your computer? Okay, probably not exactly that, but you get the picture—to make sure grandma gets the picture, too, use SideSync to share files saved on your PC via mobile texts and emails.

A Two-Way Street

No need to limit yourself to one media collection when you can have two—just as it lets you share files from your PC to your phone, SideSync works the other way. Even if you accidentally left your phone in your car (again), you can still attach the latest puppy pictures in an email to Dad or use Note5-stored images in your slide show presentation for work tomorrow. SideSync leaves no pie charts behind.

Make It a Mac

SideSync and Windows have been lifelong friends, but SideSync 4.0 has just introduced itself to Apple's OS X. Now, you can be on your Note5 and Macbook all at once. And as a bonus, we went ahead and made SideSync connection speeds faster than ever, too, because what good are superpowers without super speed?

Photo Credits: Shauna Hundeby/Demand Media

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