Set Up Your Tablet to Power Your Media


With the amount of storage space available on tablets, it's no wonder it's so common to find them used as media hubs. Along with the storage space, they're extremely affordable when compared to more complicated media centers. Learn how to use these agile devices to power your media.

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Connect Your Tablet to the TV

The most difficult part of using a tablet as a media center or hub is figuring out how to connect the device to your television. One of simplest ways is to purchase an HDMI adapter specifically built for your tablet, if your tablet doesn't have an HDMI port built into it. The adapter will add an HDMI port to your tablet, and then you can use a standard HDMI cable to connect it to your HDTV.

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Wirelessly Connected

If running a long HDMI cable across your living-room floor isn't all that appealing, look into wireless options for streaming content from a tablet to a TV. AllShare Cast is one example of wireless streaming, and is built into some tablets currently on the market. In order to get the feature to work on your TV you'll need an accessory such as the AllShare Cast Wireless Hub (pictured here) or something similar depending on your tablet.

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It's All About the Content

After you've figured out a way to get media from your device to your TV, there are a few different options available for you to get content onto your TV. Some are free, while others are not. One of the free services is already installed on your device and offers a ton of content: YouTube. Using the YouTube app, you can stream videos through your tablet to your TV. Children's programming, music videos, comedy and even clips from popular TV shows can all be found on YouTube.

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The default music app on your device is capable of playing your locally stored music library, which you can add to your device using syncing software. But there are other services available that will stream content, such as radio stations or random mixes, for a monthly fee. Google Play Music, installed on all Androidâ„¢ tablets, will stream your library, or sign up for All Access to stream music from the cloud to your TV.

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The Gallery app will let you view your photos and even place them on your TV screen so other friends and family members can partake in the viewing. Slideshows and content from your Gallery app or something similar can be sent to your TV with just the tap of a button in a wireless setup. For a wired setup, you should be good to go as soon as it's plugged in. Viewing photos from a recent vacation or big life event is better on an HDTV.

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Installed by default on more and more devices is one of the leading media streaming companies available: Netflix. For a monthly fee of $7.99 you can stream movies, TV shows and documentaries on a lengthy list of supported devices. One of those devices is likely your tablet, and with it connected to your TV, you can view this content on your big screen.

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Another app commonly found on most devices is Dropbox. The file-sharing service helps you keep files stored in a cloud and in sync across several devices. One of the advantages of storing your media files in your Dropbox account and accessing them from your tablet is that the files don't take up storage space on your tablet. Also, any movie or music files will stream in the Dropbox app, which can then be played on your TV.

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Syncing Media to Your Device

You can store a lot of information on your tablet, but to get that content to your device you'll need to sync it with your computer. Using an application such as Samsung Smart Switch will help you sync personal information along with media to your tablet. In turn, you can then play the content stored on your tablet on your TV.

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