5 Times to Take the Selective Focus Option

Updated May 20, 2015

With most cameras, you can focus on what's close or what's far away but not both at the same time. Your Galaxy S®6 or Galaxy S®6 edge makes that problem ancient history. From Apps, choose "Camera," tap "MODE," and choose "Selective focus." In this mode your camera gets both the foreground and the background in glorious detail, and you can choose either or both when you view your shots.

1. The Trip of a Lifetime

Selective focus lets you capture more of each memory. You'll get the little cafe table as well as the Paris street beyond it; or the old man feeding the pigeons and the entire town square behind him.

2. Photobomb Removal

Some of the best shots are one-time opportunities, never to come again. So it's a shame when they're photo-bombed by a pet, a random stranger or your wise-guy kid. With selective focus, you can keep the intentional part of the shot and fade any intruders back into the woodwork.

3. Kids and Pets

When you're shooting family fun, you never know whether the foreground or the background is going to be where the action is. That's why selective focus is your new BFF. That expression on your dog's face at that one perfect moment could get you a million online views; or somewhere behind Aunt Mae you might just catch the cutest kid pic ever.

4. Food Photos

Do you take a shot of every meal before you pick up a fork? Use selective focus to capture all the plates at the table easily, not just your own. Besides, you never know when a celebrity tush might cross your camera's field of vision.

5. A Heartier Partier

You'll want to choose selective focus mode whenever you're at a party or celebration. Those background moments you catch might just represent some of the finest memories you'll take away from the occasion. Not to mention the potential for hilarious social-media posts.

Photo Credits: John Chapple/Demand Media

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