Give with Style: 4 Ways to Gift Better this Year

Updated October 30, 2015

It may be better to give than to receive, but giving in style is even better than better. There's a certain, one-of-a-kind glow that only happens when your gift was so spot-on, perfectly personalized or just downright unexpected. This year, don't wait until the big day to gift; sprinkle a little holiday joy throughout the season with a few techie helpers.

1. Gift-ception

When you've planned a vacation for your family, the opportunity to tell them the news is a gift unto itself; but why not put that gift into a gift? Take your gifting to the next level by pre-programming the vacation in the calendar on your family member’s new Galaxy Tab S2. Then, give her the tablet a little early and watch her explore. That palm tree wallpaper image suddenly makes sense...

2. Playful Playlist

A wedding song. The golden oldie your mom used to sing in the car. We've all got our share of sentimental jams. Do a little planning ahead and pair a compact Bluetooth speaker, like the Level Box Mini, with your phone. Stream the tune when it's least expected—maybe the music suddenly comes from inside your mom’s purse, or the speaker's served up as a holiday dinner side dish—then spring the speaker as a surprise gift.

3. Personalize It

Anyone would be delighted by a new Galaxy Note5, but a little planning takes your gift from great to unforgettable. Fill his new device with memories from the get go—your smiling face set as the background, a handwritten love note using your S Pen, a playlist of songs he loves. Think of the phone as a virtual box of chocolates, and you're the chocolatier.

4. New Year's Revolution

No one expects a New Year's gift, which makes it the perfect opportunity for the sneak attack holiday gifting. When your S.O. makes that yearly resolution to hit the gym, hand over a wearable like the Gear S2. He won't even know about that new membership you got him until a notification goes off reminding him to keep his resolution. Gifting level: maximum.

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