How Samsung Pay throws the best parties

Updated December 31, 9999

Samsung Pay is turning one year old in 2016, but it’s the kind of friend who’d rather throw a party for you—and you’re in luck, because Samsung Pay’s parties are legendary. And because you’ve got a palm-sized pocket planner on your side, you have just one job: Party on.

Keep it simple

Keeping things streamlined is one surefire way to throw a memorable party. Go with a defined theme—like a roaring ‘20s party with champagne and croquet, or a fiesta filled with tropical fruit bowls and festive music—to consolidate your shopping list and make your party instantly identifiable.

If you’re serving food, go with one-pot dishes like roasted chicken and vegetables, chili, curry or macaroni and cheese to please a crowd and reduce your party-planning stress. And don’t forget to keep things simple at the register with Simple Pay. Once you’ve set up Samsung Pay, just swipe up from the bottom of your screen, place your finger on the Home key to identify your fingerprint, and hold the back of your phone near the card reader.

Good news—you’ve just freed up plenty of time to send out that online invite reminder.

Hit the party store

You know the place. That party store that you venture into once every 12 years. For today’s party, it could just be your secret source of inspiration.

See some oversized novelty dice? Add an unexpected craps table to the proceedings. Half-face masks? Hand them out at the door to create a surprise masquerade. Once you’re good and inspired, don’t worry about that … uh, vintage … card reader they’re sporting at the counter. Because Samsung Pay uses Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST)—like those used for magnetic-strip card readers—it’s already accepted 90%+ of your favorite stores . Basically, your phone just became your wallet.

Do everyone (and yourself) a favor

Go local for the party favors. You’ve wanted to check out that hip new florist and now’s the perfect time. Grab a bunch of tiny terra-cotta pots with little green herbs to give out as party favors that double as fantastic table décor.

If the mom-and-pop shop has a payment preference, Samsung Pay’s got your covered. Once you’ve swiped up to open Simple Pay, just swipe left or right to access additional cards you’ve added (which, funny enough, you can add by opening the app and touching “Add”). We now have over 475 banks available so get ready to add yours.

Add the finishing touches

Before you head home, make sure your party shopping list is covered by looking over your recent transactions. Just touch Samsung Pay, tap the desired payment card and scroll on down to see what you’ve recently picked up. You’ll never forget to buy novelty sombreros again.

Once you’re in the door, throw some nostalgic music on a Bluetooth speaker for an easy conversation starter and dig out that old box of floating tealight candles, because every party guest looks good by candlelight.

Pay it forward

So you’ve been to the grocery store, the party store and the florist. Good thing you’ve added your merchant membership and loyalty cards to the Samsung Pay app (just the same way you add a credit or debit card) to rack up on those points and savings along the way. Make three party purchases before October 14, 2016, and you’ll be visited by the donut fairy when a $5 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card shows up in Samsung Pay. You’ve earned it.

Samsung Pay might be a year old, but we’re just getting started—with more freedom to pay wherever and whenever, there’s plenty more time to party.

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