The S6 edge+ Takes Home a 2016 CES Innovation Award–Here's Why

Updated January 06, 2016

While it's awesome that the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ took home one of 38 CES Innovation Awards for Samsung this year, the occasion presents an even more awesome opportunity to explore what makes a smartphone—that little monolith that's become just about as commonplace as the hands that hold it—innovative in today's very busy marketplace. The CES judges themselves focus on key factors like aesthetics, engineering and functionality, so there's really no better place to start exploring (seeing as the judges are, you know, pretty smart).

Assessing Aesthetics

Smartphone. When you read the word, what do you see? A sleek black slab with a minimalist-style bevel? With the edge, the screen bleeds over that bevel; this not only lends the phone its defining, anti-slab curves, but it turns out that it greatly increases the device's functionality and usability by instantly immersing you into the display and offering low-key social alerts on the People Edge (so you can see you have a text, for instance, without jamming a phone in your face mid-convo).

Elevated Engineering

Exterior curves count, but inside engineering is what allows the edge+ to pioneer—you won't find many other smartphones with an octa-core (that's eight chips) processor. Sure, it sounds fancy on paper, but more importantly, it enables the S6 edge+ to power through 3D games and even virtual reality content—it pairs swimmingly with the Gear VR, another CES 2016 award winner—without killing the battery. And when that battery does get low, cable-free fast charging gives it a boost. Because wires never made anyone's life easier.

The Almighty Function

Looks and technological guts aren't much without functionality that truly enables the user to experience innovation. Like the curved screen that defines its look, the S6 edge+ innovates by making the smartphone experience more seamless. Share vacation photos on your smart TV via Bluetooth with a single tap, leave your 16 plastic cards at home in favor of Samsung Pay, or answer calls and texts right on your computer with SideSync—sometimes, progress comes in the form of simplifying the obtuse in favor of something a little more elegant.

Photo Credits: Samsung

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