Revamp Your Selfie Game: 5 New Selfie Ideas for Summer

Updated May 18, 2015

Face it: Your selfies are boring. Anyone with a camera can make duck faces in front of a bathroom mirror. However, you have a secret weapon for creating amazing, fresh selfies: your Galaxy S®6 or Galaxy S®6 edge and its wide selfie feature. Here are a few ideas to get the brain juices pumping and help take your selfie game to the next level.

1. You and Your 10,000 Friends

Your favorite band is on stage, they are playing your favorite song, and you've managed to snake your way up to the front row—it's a moment you want to capture forever. Luckily for you, your trusty phone's wide selfie feature not only captures your joy and excitement, but the excitement of the thousands of fans behind you.

2. Bird's Eye View

Selfies at ground level? Boring. An after-hike selfie taken at the top of a mountain or cliff is more your style. After all, nothing says adventurous like a picture of your accomplished grin surrounded by of a forest of trees. Just stay on the trails with a hand on your S6 or S6 edge at all times, so your selfie doesn't turn into an oopsie.

3. A Selfie of Heroic Proportions

Superpowers, snazzy costumes and secret identities, oh my! The summer is host to a wealth of comic conventions, giving you a chance to snap a selfie with not only your favorite superhero, but also the famous stars and starlets behind the masks.

4. Crouching Lion, Hidden Camera

Selfies featuring humans are yesterday's news, and selfies with pets are already trending. You may think the animal selfie game isn't viable if you're a trendsetter, but think again. Taking a selfie with the king of the jungle at your local zoo will have the social media masses crowning you as selfie royalty. Just don't hop the fence hoping to join the royal court.

5. Take a Selfie and Run With It

Nothing beats getting into shape, except looking good while doing it. Whether you're hitting a 5K or participating in a Color Run, snapping a selfie as you cross the finish line is the ultimate way to either celebrate a victory or just celebrate, period.

Photo Credits: John Chapple/Demand Media

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