5 Ways You Know You're Ready to Upgrade Your TV

Updated August 03, 2016

Every year, lots of things happen like clockwork: Your taxes make you want to set your computer on fire, your birthday brings you one step closer to enlightenment and the holidays remind you why your family is equal parts loveable and insane.

But your TV weathers the seasons like it weathers the binges. Unlike our smartphones and wearables, TVs just aren't something we upgrade every year or two. But when that sweet Samsung 4K SUHD TV upgrade fairy does call your name, here's how you'll know.

1. You Caught Yourself Squinting

It's time for Monday night football. You're pretty sure the referee just called a controversial touchdown for the opposing team, but you know that can't be possible. Even with all your squint powers, you still can't make out if the players just passed the 10-yard line or goal line.

With your new 4K SUHD TV, you'll quadruple the potential resolution and add crazy-good contrast to the playing field to clear things up—without the need for instant replay.

2. Your Guests Are Tired of Leaning In

When your crew feeds the need for popcorn, nachos and exploding CGI robots, they do it at your place. But the late arrival squeezed onto the edge of your futon is treated to "Complete Darkness: The Movie" rather than a superhero brawl. Upgrading to a curved screen nips that issue in the bud—now every seat is a great seat.

Also, you should upgrade that futon. College is over, friend.

3. You’re Missing Nature’s Details

The octopus has three hearts and squirrels never burp. These are things you have learned from your secret nature show addiction. If you can't get enough of the blue planet, 4K is the only way to go. With Quantum Dot technology, you'll take in up to one billion of Mother Nature's colors—that's about 64 times more than your old HDTV.

That means the Bolivian owl monkey just got 64 times prettier.

4. The Wires Have Taken Over

Speaking of octopuses, the back of your entertainment center is starting to look like a tentacle monster from the eighth dimension. Beneath all that wire spaghetti, you're pretty sure there's a gaming console, a streaming box or three, a smartphone dongle, maybe even a DVD player.

But there is a smarter way. The smart 4K SUHD TV streamlines your streaming content, apps and games, and even smart device casting into one place. And that place is called your TV.

5. Your Stuff Deserves a New Life

Nostalgia rules. 4K content is on the rise, but we all love our libraries of classic movies and games. If you've been through your old media top to bottom and want to look at your stuff with fresh eyes—or maybe share it with your kid's even fresher eyes—UHD Upscaling tech is here to transform your regular HD media into a brilliant 4K experience. And it's Blu-ray and streaming optimized, which basically means that all your movie memories just got optimized, too.

Photo Credits: Tanner Dunn/studioD

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