Ready, Set, Collaborate: 7 Simple Study Tips

Updated July 31, 2015

Whether you’re working on a group project, writing an ode dedicated to thy selfie or solving the world’s hardest differential equation, the truth is that learning is a very collaborative process. And, though technology certainly comes in handy for snapping and sharing the video of your Spanish teacher’s dance moves, it can also help make learning a more enjoyable experience. So, get your nose at out of the e-book on and take a minute to read some tips to help you shine this school year.

1. Group Mentality

Don't be a lone wolf. Even if it's not a group project, get involved with your classmates on essays and reading assignments. You'll get a new lens on the info and might even make a few friends along the way.

2. Change It Up

Go with an ultra-portable laptop with super-long battery life, like the Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus, that can tag along to the group project meeting, a bite to eat with friends and the study hall without losing steam. That way, you can alternate your study spaces, which is a proven technique for memory retention.

3. Cloudy Collab

Don't underestimate the cloud. Use cloud storage platforms to collaborate and share even when you're not in the same room. Encourage openness by making all of your group docs editable; you never know what someone has to contribute you until you welcome their contribution.

4. (Visual) Sharing Is Caring

At group meetings, bring a tablet that can help you take notes. A gadget like Samsung's Galaxy Tab A, with S-Pen functionality, lets you pass presentation ideas around the table and add individual annotations. Why have just your notes when you can have all the notes? For study time, cut back on paper and use your tablet for digital flash cards.

5. Be a Renaissance Studier

Don't binge—add variety to your study group. Rather than crash-coursing, shake it up by focusing on one subject for an hour or so, then switching. You'll ward off boredom and expand your horizons along the way. Get a hand from the ATIV Book 9 Plus Core i7 processor, which can browse more than 10 open tabs without a hitch.

6. Mnemonics Work

You might've left cute rhymes and catchy acronyms in grade school, but these learning aids really work—don't be afraid to embrace them. Here's one for the road: if you need to remember that oxidation is losing and reduction is gaining, just say “Oil Rig.” You should probably say it to yourself, though.

7. Stay on Track

Scheduling is key to stress-free collaboration. Keep your academic life in order with your smartphone's organizing tools. Let the Samsung S®6 edge Information Stream offer notifications on the sly, letting you know when you get a text from a study buddy or an email from a professor without interrupting the lecture.

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