Quick Guide to Samsung Pay

Updated June 24, 2016

Not long ago, the idea of a pocket-sized multi-tasker seemed like a high-tech dream. Fast forward just a few years, and your smartphone has successfully replaced your camera, your newspaper, your alarm clock, your computer and your television. Now, with Samsung Pay, that handheld device has the potential to keep your credit cards in your wallet, too. Here's how to make it work for you.

Get Set Up—Fast

Setup's a snap on Samsung Pay; you can add your debit and credit cards with just a few simple steps. Begin by selecting the Samsung Pay icon. Then, when prompted, use the phone's camera to scan your credit card information and secure the account with a fingerprint and PIN.

As Easy as N-F-C or a Simple Swipe

Once your credit and debit cards are loaded, simply swipe the standby or lock screen up from the bottom of your phone's display to automatically launch Samsung Pay. If the retailer's terminal supports near-field communication (NFC), just set the phone against the NFC receiver area. For a standard credit card swipe device, place your phone vertically over the slot for a couple of seconds until you feel a vibration confirming payment transmission.

Samsung Pay's patented technology ensures that it's compatible with both magnetic stripe card readers as well as near field communication (or NFC) terminals, which means it's accepted virtually anywhere you swipe or tap your card.*

Safe and Secure

Backed by the Samsung KNOX security platform, Samsung Pay is a super secure way to make payments. Transactions are authorized only after your fingerprint or configured PIN authenticates your identity, and stored cards are displayed with a depiction instead of the actual number. The retailer doesn't even have access to your personal information or credit card number as only a payment code is exchanged during transactions.

*Only compatible with select cards and Samsung devices.

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