5 Things to Do With Your Tablet Before the Battery Runs Out

Updated November 16, 2015

The Galaxy Tab S2 can last from eight to 10 hours on a single charge, depending on the model. If you're used to being tethered to an AC adapter, what will you do with all that time? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Binge-Watch

This is probably the first thing you thought of, too. Unplug your tablet, find a comfortable place to hide, and binge on your favorite TV series. You can watch an entire 10- to 12-episode season without surfacing. Don't forget to hydrate, and maybe get up and stretch once in a while.

2. Fly to Europe

Treat yourself and your Galaxy Tab S2 to a trans-continental flight to someplace nice, like Paris or Rome. Read an e-book and play games through the entire flight. When you land, take a few pictures with your tablet's 8.0MP camera, recharge and you can be back by Monday.

3. Cook With Your Mom

Start a video call with your Mom and ask her for turkey ideas. Put the bird in the oven and compare recipes for gravy and pies while it's cooking. The turkey should be done long before you need to plug in.

4. Reacquaint Yourself With Old Friends

Plug your headphones into your Galaxy Tab S2 and fill its 32GB drive with a box set from your favorite band. Listen to a dozen or more full albums before your tablet breaks a sweat.

5. Fix a Serious Problem

Often, the best solution to a major life challenge is to stick with it until it's over. Engineering problems in Minecraft? Hitting a hard level in Bejeweled Blitz? Aggravated by a sniper in Modern Combat 5? Take as much time as you need. Stay up all night if you need to, or take a day off work so you can concentrate. When you emerge victorious, you'll be glad you did.

Photo Credits: Bianca Kofman/Studio D

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