Popular Wedding Shower Ideas & Games

Wedding showers come in all sizes, from catered affairs with dining tables and bubbly to living-room-sized gatherings of close friends and family. Whether you're a maid of honor hosting a traditional bridal shower or a close friend planning a couples event for their classmates and co-workers, a shower makes a great excuse for exuberant thematic decorations, yummy snacks and fun games. Plan a memorable event that includes your own twists on traditional elements.

Digitally Speaking

Use your smartphone to feature and transmit your party invitations, especially if you're giving a shower for someone who favors environmentally smart solutions over pretty paper. Sit down at the computer and create a virtual invitation, complete with graphics and attractive typography, that you can send as an email attachment. As part of the graphic treatment, incorporate photos of the happy couple that you've taken with your digital camera at social events shared with your guests.

Instead of a traditional RSVP mailing, follow the invitation with a smartphone video that fits in with your party theme. Ask guests for musical suggestions to add to your playlist for background entertainment and channel the tunes through your wirelessly enabled home theater system from your computer, tablet and your guests' smartphones.

Rumor Has It

"How well do you know each other" games make an enjoyable addition to your party entertainment because they focus on the person you're celebrating. Compile a list of questions ranging from sentimental whimsy to off-the-wall idea starters, and use your camcorder to record the other half of the couple's answers. At the party, ask for matching answers from your guest of honor. After each response, play the corresponding video segment on your high-definition TV and score the number of "right" answers. If you're planning a couples event, record each half of the couple's answers to each question and alternate between the two of them when you ask your questions at the party.

Scavenger Hunt with a Twist

Scavenger hunts provide enduring fun for parties of all kinds and guests of all ages. For a twist on the classic game that gives all your guests a role in putting together the search-items list, include a request in your party invitations for items that hold significance for both the guest of honor and each of the invitees. Stash the items around the venue, keeping an inventory of the hiding places so you won't forget where you put them. Divide the guests and the lists into small groups, with the winners defined by who finds the most items. As each group finds an item, have one of the guests in the group photograph it with a smartphone camera and upload the photo to the guest of honor's social media feed or stream. After the hunt ends, ask the guests to tell the stories behind the items they brought.

Anniversary Time Capsule

Create a tradition for the happy couple at the same time that you provide entertainment at the wedding shower. As part of the party invitation, ask each guest to buy an inexpensive gift, selecting something that the couple should share on their first, fifth or 10th wedding anniversary. Assign a dollar limit to the gift purchase price, especially if you plan to assemble a time capsule for each of the three anniversaries. On your computer and printer, create a card with the date of the party, the names of your guests, blank lines for them to write clues describing the items they brought and additional blanks for the guest of honor to guess what the clues describe. Buy a corresponding number of opaque storage boxes and label them according to the milestones they're supposed to celebrate. Seal the gifts into the storage boxes and present them ceremonially.

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