Popular Apps for Children

Smartphone and tablets are almost always a hit with children, provided you have the right apps installed. Today's most popular apps for younger children combine rich graphics with fun and appealing stories or opportunities for them to engage their problem-solving skills. These apps can be a great way to keep a child's eager mind from roaming while waiting in line in the grocery store or for shared time together with parents.


LEGO® has been a popular brand with kids for decades. LEGO apps bring all the fun of their toys to a smartphone or tablet without the mess to clean up afterwards. One popular app is LEGO City Spotlight Robbery for ages five to seven, in which children use a police helicopter spotlight to search for museum robbers and explore the museum to search for valuable clues. In LEGO City Fire Hose Frenzy, kids help a fireman and his dog put out fires using a fire hose and a ladder truck.

Memory Games

Memory games are also a popular choice for children. These apps challenge a child's concentration while building her memory skills in a format that is colorful and fun. Some of the most popular memory game apps today include Memory Game for Kids: Princess, Memory Game Plus Lite, and The Lost Ghosts: Memory Training Game for Kids and Their Parents. These may be popular choices with parents too, since these apps are all free.

Cooking Games

Even for a 5-year-old, cooking can be fun. This is especially the case when the recipes call for ingredients like donuts, pancakes and bacon, such as those found in the Breakfast Maker Demo app. Kids can layer as many ingredients as they like creating their own breakfast concoctions. Another popular choice is the Ice Cream Shop app, in which children can design their own ice cream shop, make sundaes and other ice cream desserts and then sell them to customers in the app.

Educational and Just-For-Fun Apps

Many of the most popular apps for children combine learning with fun. These include interactive storybooks like Puss in Boots: Interactive 3D Pop-up Fairy Tale, and for those who have started reading already, e-book apps like Moon Secrets HD. Other apps like Tic Tac Toe and Hello Kitty Colors may seem like they are just for fun at first, however even these apps teach children problem solving skills and strategy. In the Hello Kitty Colors app, for example, children must match and sort different colored tiles within a time limit while trying to earn a best score.

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