5 Tips for Making Your Smartphone a Little More “You”

Updated November 23, 2015
Oriana Koren/Demand Media

Okay, so we haven't quite gotten to holographic brain implants yet, but your Galaxy S6 edge+ Galaxy S6 edge are still an extension of yourself. Sure, your custom contacts, media, apps and events make your smartphone unique, but a few tweaks to the Home screen inject your mini me with a bit more “you.”

Oriana Koren/Demand Media

1. She Comes in Colors

Peep those edge screen settings to assign custom light-up colors to your most frequent callers. Blue for your downer of a boss? Red for your fiery beau? Your call. It's like a mood ring for the 21st century.

Oriana Koren/Demand Media

2. Beyond Wallpaper

It's 2015. So why is smartphone wallpaper still one digital step above your grandma's floral print? Let's fix that—head to the Galaxy App Store to download a free animated wallpaper. Get cosmic with a glowing galaxy, go zen with a flowing waterfall, or embrace your inner nerd with zooming lines of code.

Oriana Koren/Demand Media

3. Thematic Elements

While you're browsing apps, might as well nab a theme that screams “you"—from sleek and simple minimalism to a glowing neon wolf head (seriously). Switch it up by tapping and holding an empty area on the Home screen to bring up your Home screen options.

It's not quite as good as having your own theme song, but it's pretty close.

Oriana Koren/Demand Media

4. Widget It Up

As an outdoorsman, prime hiking weather is vital to you. As a businesswoman, you've got stock tickers on the brain. Whatever your passion, download handy widgets from the Galaxy App Store and put them front and center by accessing your Home screen options.

Oriana Koren/StudioD

5. On the Grid

Whether you prefer a bold, simple, easy-access look or tiny stacks of apps on apps that'll make any techie blush, the screen grid has you covered. Change the grid size from your Home screen options to display more or less items—long story short, it makes it a lot easier for you to do "you."

Photo Credits: Oriana Koren/Demand Media

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