The Perfect Home Computer Set-up

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You spend a lot of time at your home computer. It's where you go to finish the work you didn't get done in the office, where you spend time catching up with friends and family who live hundreds of miles away, and it's where you can sit back and relax while playing games, reading the news or watch funny videos of cats (if that's your thing). Even if you're not surfing the Web, the location of your home computer may be a highly frequented area. Making it a comfortable and organized space is a wise move.

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Give Yourself Desk Space

Stuffing yourself into a cramped corner or confining yourself to a small desk isn't conducive to a proper work—or play—environment. Opt for a large desk, or even consider placing two desks next to each other to double your space. If you're low on space in general, consider mounting your monitor on the wall or propping it on a shelf for more arm room at your desk.

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Stay Organized

An unorganized space is often distracting, even if only subconsciously. To beat clutter, you must stay organized. Use shelves, book cases and bins to your advantage. For example, keep writing utensils together, office supplies in designated drawers and extra cords wrapped with ties to prevent tangling. After you assign every item to its own space, label accordingly to remind yourself where everything goes.

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Go Wireless

In addition to using storage bins and other containers, using wireless devices—such as keyboards, routers, printers and a mouse—is another way to keep keep organized. Wireless options aren't as expensive as they used to be and are just as reliable, if not more reliable, as cable-operated technology, says Michael S. Lasky at PCWorld. The fewer cables you have, the more organized and clean your space will feel.

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Lighting Matters

Proper lighting in your home office makes a difference in your productivity, energy and mood. A room rich in natural light is ideal for daytime use. Equip your windows with blinds or curtains to block the light when necessary. For ambient light, opt for a soft-light table lamp with a little aesthetic flare. If you're low on space, a floor lamp with a thin base works well.

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Give Yourself a View

If the sights outside your window are idyllic, consider yourself lucky. If, on the other hand, the view isn't exactly inspiring, manufacture your own aesthetically pleasing views. For example, hang art on the walls, dress your room with cool furniture, keep pictures of family and friends on your desk or even re-paint the walls in a design or color you love.

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Invest in an Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic computer chairs that support your lower back and promote good posture is ideal. Because no one type of ergonomic chair is right for everyone, you should buy your chair only after testing it out in person. Consider the chair's height, seat depth and width, armrest height and how well the chair supports your back and neck.

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