The Gamer’s Perfect Accessory: 5 Reasons the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge are Great for Gaming

It's long been hard for games on a small handset screen to rival those you play on your console system or high-end PC. The arrival of the Gear VR headset changes the game (so to speak). The VR headset creates a level of immersive gaming that puts even the largest TV to shame, and your new Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge is its perfect partner. Here's why.

1. A Serious Screen

When the device you're playing on is just inches from your eyes, the visuals need to be really, really good. The Galaxy S7 measures up, with its Quad HD screen providing all the fine detail and deep, saturated color your game's designers intended. It really is like being there in person.

2. The Immersive Audio

A good picture is only part of that "I'm really there" feeling. To get seriously into your game, you'll need a pair of good headphones. A lot of Gear VR programs rely on head movement for navigation, so—to avoid the distraction of cords—it's best to go with a set of good-quality wireless earbuds, like the Level U.

3. Lots of Space

Nothing puts a crimp in your fun like having to uninstall one game—and lose all your progress—to install another. With the Galaxy S7, you can have up to 200GB of storage, so you've got plenty of room to keep games-in-progress on all your favorite gaming apps.

4. Power to Spare

You'll draw power from both your phone and the Gear VR while you're gaming, but that doesn't mean you're out of touch for the rest of the day. The Galaxy S7 is even slimmer than the Galaxy S6 but still has a higher-capacity battery, so knock yourself out.

5. Sounding the Charge

Don't worry about not having enough battery left for gaming. The Galaxy S7's wireless quick-charge is super-fast, so even a few minutes of charging can set you up for extended game play ... and perhaps even victory. What's better than that?

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