The Perfect Flower—And Device—For Every Mom


Nothing says you know your mom quite like the perfect gift. Whether she has an adventurous spirit or an artistic flare, we’re here to help you pick a gift that celebrates her individuality and fits her personality perfectly.


Bouvardia for the Mom with a Sense of Adventure

Even though she’ll probably be off picking wildflowers along the road less travelled, a girl can never have too many blooms. For the mom who blazes trails and plans exciting trips, a bouquet of Bouvardia is the perfect choice because the star-like flowers symbolize enthusiasm and indicate zest for life. Get her the Samsung Gear S™, too, so she can track her hiking steps and heartbeat right from her wrist.


Anthurium for the Debutante

When guests come over to break bread, your mother never consults Google for a place setting refresher. She just knows that the forks, napkins and butter knives go on the left. Since you cherish her cooking as much as her etiquette and entertaining spirit, give her a bouquet of Anthurium—it’s the flower that symbolizes hospitality, happiness and abundance. And for the cherry on top? The best recipe book around: the Samsung Galaxy Tab A™. With Multi Window™, she can even reference two meals at once.*

*Multi Window does not support all applications.


Lilacs for the Karaoke Queen

Your mother doesn’t understand the meaning of stage fright. She dances like nobody’s watching and sings like there’s no one around. In fact, she’s maintained such a childlike fearlessness that it would only make sense to buy her a bouquet of Lilacs, since they symbolize youthful innocence and confidence. She’d probably love having a smartphone that stands out in the crowd, too, like the champagne-colored Galaxy S®6 edge.


Queen Anne’s Lace for the Mom Who Gives Peace a Chance

She’s the kind of lady to gently escort a spider outside and participate in estuary cleanups. She believes that every living thing is beautiful and sacred, and has an inalienable right to be protected. As such, she deserves nothing but Queen Anne’s Lace—a flower that is as wild as it is feminine, that symbolizes safe havens and sanctuaries.

Pair it with the Gear Circle™ so she can take calls or listen to music, hands-free, wherever she happens to be saving the day.


Daffodils for the Corner Office Mom

She’s not bossy—she’s the boss. And a respectful, empathetic one at that. She’s no stranger to risk-taking, but her bold action has everyone’s best interests in mind—hence her 100% employee approval rating. (Go, Mom!) To show her how well you know her and how much you admire her strength, give her a bundle of Daffodils this Mother’s Day. These vibrant flowers symbolize regard, chivalry and joy. Get her the Galaxy Note® 4 to boot—she’ll love taking notes with the S Pen™ on a big, bright screen.


Hyacinth for the Mom Who Kettlebells

Your momma’s so fierce she turns nouns into verbs.

There’s nothing left to say, besides wrap a ribbon around some red or pink Hyacinth for her—their meaning mirrors her playful, sporty attitude, and wink wink, nudge nudge, the Gear™ Fit would really complement her workout garb, too.


Calla Lilies for the Mom with 19k Instagram Followers

It’s safe to say she knows the Rule of Thirds and has an eye for good lighting, breathtaking scenes and candid moments. Treat her to a bouquet that holds as much magnificence and beauty as her photo subjects. The Calla Lily. That’s her flower. The Galaxy Camera™ 2. That’s her moneymaker.


Iris for the Mom Who Spits Movie Quotes Like They’re Nursery Rhymes

She probably has strong opinions about the direction, cinematography, pacing and music, too. For the movie critic mom who is well versed in everything from Wes Anderson to Argentinian films, give her the flower that symbolizes eloquence and passion—the yellow Iris—and the Samsung 4K SUHD Curved Smart TV that makes every motion picture come to life.

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