5 Times You Need to Be Your Own Internet

Wi-Fi® is a wonderful thing. In fact, it's downright miraculous how it's always there—except for the exact moment you really, really want it most. That's okay, because your Galaxy phone can become a mobile hot spot whenever you need one. From your Settings screen, tap "More," and then "Mobile Hotspot." Tap the switch to turn it on, and you're good to go.

1. The Unfortunate Necessity of Work

You saw this coming when they asked you to bring along your work laptop "just in case." Don't waste your time driving around searching for Wi-Fi. Log onto your phone's hot spot from the laptop, send that report—again—and get back to having fun.

2. Sharing is Caring

No matter what group of friends you're with, someone will always—always—be up against his data cap. Sharing yours is what good friends do. As a bonus, he won't breathe Buffalo wings on you while he squints over your shoulder to watch videos.

3. Dude, You Have to See This

As crisp as images are on your Galaxy phone, there are times when it might be nice to watch them on a bigger screen. Tap to activate the hot spot, and connect to the phone from your tablet or laptop. Cats are funnier when they're life-sized, ask anyone.

4. Share that "Gotcha!"

You just pulled the greatest prank ever on one of your friends, and you want everyone to see the video. Such a shame you caught it on a Wi-Fi only tablet. Don't wait until you get home. Connect to your phone's hot spot, upload it, and your moment of glory will go viral in no time.

5. Group Hug...Kinda

You're all on the beach gathered around to video-chat—gloat, in other words—with your friends back home in the snow. Alas, some of you are on Wi-Fi only devices, and there's no Wi-Fi within miles. That's okay, you've got it covered. Everyone can connect through your phone, because these golden moments don't come along every day.

Photo Credits: Bianca Kofman/Demand Media

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