Outside the Box: Visual Shopping List

Mom always said a glass of orange juice in the morning was important to maintaining a healthy body and replenishing your system, but what happens when you're all out and need to replenish your kitchen? Don't toss that bottle. Use your Samsung smartphone to create a visual shopping list. Snap a photo of your empty bottle and add it to the photo gallery of shopping items you started at the beginning of your week. Eggs, steak, cereal, milk, and now orange juice. This works beyond your grocery list too. If you see an item in a magazine that you think would make a great gift, take a picture of it. You can then create a folder for each person in your family on your phone and snap pics to remember those great gift ideas. Or if you eat at a great restaurant and love the dish, create a my eats folder to remember your favorites. You can even sync your galleries with other family member's Galaxy devices using a cloud device. This will give roommates or family a chance to pick up some of the shopping load. Having this visual shopping list on your phone will make shopping a breeze. So you're in and out of the store and onto the next activity. That's it for today. I'm Claudia Boggio, and this is "Outside the Box."

Using your phone to create a visual shopping list will allow you to have an entire gallery of images with everything that you need to buy. Create a visual shopping list with help from your Samsung smartphone's photo gallery in this free video.

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