Outside the Box: Scavenger Hunt

Bad weather? Stuck inside? Kids going crazy? It can still be a good time! Today on “Outside the Box,” we’re going to use apps via smartphone or tablet to turn your day into a scavenger hunt adventure with the kids. Start by taking a picture of several objects – preferably small enough to hide – and upload them to a custom gallery. You’ll want to give this gallery a fun name, like “Scavenger,” to play up the adventure. Now, it’s time for the fun to begin! Hide these objects all over the house. Make sure these spots are safe and accessible to your children, but well-hidden. Now, unleash the little ones! Give your searchers some cameras or tablets. Make sure they’ve got access to the custom gallery and the app. If one of your children finds the object, he or she can snap a picture of the hidden gem in the hiding spot and hide it for the next round. Use a point system based on the time it takes your scavenger to find the objects, or how good they hide the objects. Keep this going for several rounds. This could go on all day! Before you know it, this rainy day has turned into an all-day adventure and fun collection of family memories. This is just one way to use your smartphone or tablet’s features. New apps are always jumping on the scene with new and inventive ways to get the most out of your mobile device. Check out the rest of the series to see other cell uses for your devices. I’m Claudia Boggio, and this is “Outside the Box.”

A great scavenger hunt starts by taking pictures of several small objects and uploading them to a custom gallery. Put together a great scavenger hunt for your kids and turn a rainy day into an all-day adventure with help from this free video.

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