Nothing to Lose: Samsung Smart Switch has Got Your Back

Updated June 15, 2015

Spring cleaning. Tax day. Spend-all-day-transferring-data-from-one-phone-to-another day. These are not the days we look forward to. While the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S6 might not be able to fend off the taxman or shake out your rugs, they do handily eliminate the hassle that used to come with upgrading your phone. No matter what smartphone realm you're migrating from, the included Samsung Smart Switch™ app changes the transferring game from an all-day affair to a few taps over a cup of coffee (coffee not included).


When you set up your new Galaxy S6, it'll automatically prompt you to download and open Smart Switch. To make the move, do that, and then download the Smart Switch mobile app on your old Android™ phone. With Smart Switch open on both, set the phones within four inches of each other and tap “Connect” on your old device. From here, Smart Switch lets you choose exactly which contacts, photos, music, apps, video, calendar events, settings and other data you want to transfer. If you want, it'll even import tiny details like your S Notes—Android-to-Android is the most inclusive option. Just tap “OK” and your new device is ready to receive.

Clear Skies on iCloud

Smart Switch is iOS-friendly, too. If you use iCloud to store your data, download and open Smart Switch on your Galaxy S6, select “Import from iCloud” and type in your Apple ID and password. Tap the boxes next to the data you want to import and tap “Let's start the transfer” to get down to business—Smart Switch transfers basic data first, then large multimedia files. Using this method, contacts, photos, text messages, bookmarks, call history, apps list, calendar events, alarms and Wi-Fi® settings are all invited to the party.

We Can Do Cables

Let's say you want to make a switch from an iOS device to the Samsung Galaxy S6's Android platform, but you don't use iCloud. No problem—use iTunes to back up your data and connect your Galaxy S6 to your Mac or PC with a good ol' USB cable. Visit to download the Smart Switch desktop app for free, then just install, launch and select the content you want to transfer. Now it's time to watch your apps list, music, custom wallpapers and videos, messages, smartphone photos, contacts and more make the trip. That's where the coffee comes in.

Smart Tips

Once your iOS app arrives on your Galaxy S6, you can tap the apps to re-download them. If the exact app isn't available, give “Recommendations” a tap and your device will suggest a similar replacement or two. If you've used iCloud to bring your data over, you don't have to leave the music behind.

Photo Credits: John Chapple/Demand Media

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